art or fashion? your call

there is a fine line between art and fashion and i beleive that katerina dipla has managed to dissolve that boundary with her amazing art - clothes!
she herself admits that clothes are for her a form of artistic expression. she managed to mix her theatrical studies with her arts and fashion studies at Foundation in Art and Design at Camberwell College of Arts, and BA (Hons) in Fashion and Print at Central Saint Martins of London.
her canvas is the fabric as she says and the road to create her wonderful costume-outfits!
i personally consider myself lucky to have met her and her work while she was in Patras! if anyone has a chance to visit her axhibition in London don't miss it, it's wonderful!
the artist-fashionista amongst her works
this picture was on the poster of her exhibition. p.s. love this peice!
a picture of the centeral peice of her exhibition in Patras
( these pictures were not taken by me)

what do you think? do you have any similar examples? i'd love to hear what you have to say!
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the ring

so this is what happens when i have a bit of free time and materials forgotten on my desk.
 i had kept some zippers from these old pants my mom got rid of a couple days ago, i really liked the colors, so i thought i'd make a little flower out of one and it came out pretty cute but sort of small.since i didn't want to toss it (it took me a while trying to sew the zipper into place, i pinched myself quite a bit during the prosess) i turned it into a ring...
what do you think?

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a bit about me...

a few words about me...
well i was born in seattle,wa, i now study architecture in greece and since i beleive it's the little things that really make us who we are, here are some about me ...
i love pulling my blanket up to my ears when i get in bed,
when i'm really pressured i tend to redecorate my place or bake sweets that my brother helps disappear!
i adore vanilla ice-cream with almonds,
once a year i watch pride and prejudice while eating sweets with my girlfriends
and speaking of movies, i always watch my favorite ones over and over again!
i like taking long walks and it takes me hours to leave a bookstore.
last but not least...i blush A LOT and at almost any situation!

what about you? what little things make you distinctly you? i'd love to hear your comments!
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