so here's the issue:
clothes and accesories with cartoons on them!
i like wearing them when i'm in a really good mood and lounging around. they're fun and colorful
(a good change since i tend to wear darks all week).
but the question is... can they be stylish?
my personal opinion is yes!
you can wear a cartoon t-shirt with a pair of dark jeans (i personally love skinnys) and a stylish montgomery coat or for a fancier look (lets say for a party) a black velvet boyfriend jacket.
levis jeans
my cousins tee! i love it!

 a cool blazer i found surfing the internet. i own a midnight blue boyfriend blazer.
you can wear a colorful watch (like mine!) with a total black outfit, and perhaps match it up with a similar colored necklace.
and i recently came across these cute looney tune bags that are great for carrying books and your stuff to college! but i also like this one with the cartoon like bows!
what do you think?
do you like the cartoon theme on clothing or accesories?
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