these wonderful, magical holiday days make quite a traffic jam in our everyday program.
we have shopping to get done, friends o catch up with, parties to attend ...
and here in Greece it seems like everyone has his birthday or nameday during this period!
all these facts come down to the issue of having to get dressed for all these events!
this is why i thought i might make a tribute to our very best mate...the little black dress!

now before we begin...lets all give a great big thanxxxxxx to coco chanel that made it part of our reality in the first place!

coco chanel
this little piece of clothing can make any woman feel like a princess in scraps of a second. it can take you anywhere and make you look like the most stylish woman in the room.
beiing completley honest with each other...which one of us does not dream of walking in a room and making heads turn?
certainly, i am not one! although i always dress to impress first myself, i always keep in mind how i would love to impress someone else as well ;)

coco chanel working on an LBD 
and now to continue with my tribute to the little black dress, i couldn't but post a picture of audrey hepburn who wore it in the most stylish way allowing her image in it to follow women until today!

  oh audrey.....
a little scetch i assume all of us have come across..

  and now some remarcable dresses i found during my investigation on one of my most favourite pieces of clothing, that take us from just a few years ago to today. and i must note here they will be either worn by some of my favourite stylish people or not!

a sequined LBD on my search for "holiday wear"

leighton meester...enough said!
these pictures i found online (on a well known website) and couldn't help posting them! this woman is one of my most favourite stylish people!

of course i couldn't but post the dress of my dreams....the laser carved/cut leather valentino worn here by dacota fanning on the "new moon" premiere. ahhhhhhhhh how i love this dress!

last but not least...

a picture of me in my very own little black dress, the one i wore on Christmas that is (i have a couple...)
i love this united colors of benetton one because its fabric is a mixture of silk and viscose, which means it drapes lovely, it has this detail around the waste that flatters my cheast (it's not very big...at all!) and the little pattern in the way the fabric was woven gives it a vintagey feeling, it kind of reminds me of the renaissance period...so romantic (meaning the clothing..).

what do you think?
do you love the LBD as much as me?
what is your favourite detail on yours?
and guys...do you like a woman in a black dress?
xoxo my friends!

all but the last two pics were found on the internet!
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aaaaaand voila!

well i would love to read what you think of my stylish (not so little) gingerbread house!
do you like it as much as me?
have you ever made one? what did you use on it?

and the dog house!!!!

xoxo my lovlies!!
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so i know that this whole twilight thing is going huge!
we've been hearing about everything that concerns it in any way (actors, movies, books, cupcakes, bags etc.)
however there is a twist in this whole craze i haven't heard much about yet......
before i get to the point, i need to admit that i have read the books, and i liked them
a whooooole lot better than the first movie at least, since i haven't seen "new moon" yet...
this type of movies isn't my generally favourite type, but i enjoyed "twilight".
but what i really like about this entire project the most is the soundtrack!
yes! i have a thing for movie music, and i love the twilight soundtrack!

for everyone else that love listening to the vamp pot puri i have news!
mad radio has a new moon day today!
for all you greeks you can listen on the radio at 106.2

or online at

i'm sorry i took notice so late but i'm kinda swimming in deep waters at college these past days!
hope you enjoy the rest of the shows though!
p.s. i put this photo on my post cause i simply looove "james"! especially in this pic ;)
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