have a great weekend!

hey everyone!
what are you planning to do this weekend?
well...whatever it is i hope you have a great time!
picture by *Silecia "yellow wind"
i'll be inside all weekend long, finishing a project for a class. wish me luck because i'll be presenting it on tuseday in front of professors and students...(the students i don't mind i got used to them after these years but the professors...eek!). i might even post the project next week too!
so you guys go head out! have fun for me too!

xoxo lovlies!
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my new love!

have any of you seen alexander wangs spring 2010 collection?
or last years t-shirt collection "t by alexander wang"?
i have! and i loved both! beautiful, simple, comfy and colors i adore! i'll just post pictures of the peices i especially loved. check them out!
t by alexander wang (this pic from http://fofd.wordpress.com/2009/02/15/to-t-or-not-to-t/)
i love classic t-shirts! it's fantastic how you can just put on a plain t with a pair of skinny jeans and a cool neclace or bracelet and your look rocks
+++plus...i've heard dudes love it! now if any dude out there has a different opinion i'd love to hear it! and by the way....dudes what kind of look do you like on a woman?
this picture from stylehog.com
last, but not least, my favourite peice! love this black outfit! love it!
i liked his collection in general, i even liked the models' hairstyles, soft, feminine, comfortable and extremly stylish! what is it with male designers that helps them make wonderful clothes for women? now don't get me wrong because there are a bunch of female designers i adore, but really some guy designers are just spectacular!
xoxo people!

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dressing a bunny!

since we're talking about spring fashion, i feel obliged to post this!
i have a stuffed bunny , petunia,(since i'm obsessed with bunnies) and i decided last year to make her a spring dress...
well here it is!

so, what you see in this picture is a flowery dress that is sort of frou frou and has lime touile under it to keep it poufier. on top is a little short sleeved, bolero jacket i made her (in case the weather gets chilly) with frilly sleeves! the jacket buttons on the top, right under the supposed as neck.
to finish the look, i hairdressed petunia with an olive green bow!
what do you think?

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another passion...

i have a thing for old pictures, they are so romantic and sooo stylish!
they give a room a nostalgic aura with class, even when the black and white has turned ...well...
sort of brown-beige!
here are some i found on the internet and really like!

yes! this is a picture of sean connery! i was thrilled to find this on google pics! special thanks to the person who first uploaded it...wasn't he cuuute?!

and of course there are some pics i just like turning black and white myself because i just know they'll look so retro.
like this one of jackson rathbone with a guitar...

i should definately make another post with my old pictures, of like, when my mom was a little girl...those are....sooooo romantic! (yeah i love my mum a great deal but that is not why i like those pictures so much)
what do you think of pictures? what kinds do you like putting up on your walls?
xoxo lovley readers!
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my bangles........................

i like bangles.
however...i have really thin arms so it's kind of difficult to find the right size -
meaning the size where the bangles won't fall off your arm every time you move.
so, if you've read any of the older posts, you can probably imagine by now, that i made some of my own.
here they are, enjoy!

they are fun, colorful, exactly the size i want them to be, not to mention totally ecological!
so, what do you think? do you like them?
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i made a stylish lamp!

i took another interior/industrial design lesson for this semester and ended up making a hanging lamp as an assignment!
it turned out pretty cool! i'm very proud of it indeed! check it out!
i used metallic canvas' and two kinds of laces. i wanted to play with soft and hard materials, transparency and shade. i also wanted to give it a sort of romantic character, as if it were a lady, hard and delicate, sophisticated and playful, hugging and closed all at once.

this is one of the pictures with which i tried to show the amazing effect all the different materials had with the light. it was beautiful to watch the shadows of the laces blend with the ones of the metallic materials!

what do you think? like it?
i love it!

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new earrings!

hello everybody again!
i was wandering around in a "hobby" store and came across this really cool wire.
it's midnight blue (of course ...what else?....i'm a blue girl afterall) and came up with this idea...

what do you think?
do you like my new earrings?
i'd love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo everyone!
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stylish packaging!

there are so many products on packaging, it's amazing!
there are papers, boxes, ribbons, stickers, prints for every style imaginable!
however, there is one style i absolutely can not resist to! and that is my aunt marys style!
i looove getting packages from her!

her packages are so retro, i mean even the stamp!
which by the way is a drawing of an old and amazing greek actor, demetri horn. 
the truth is that to get the best result, and to stay completely true to your style, you must take notice of every detail. that means choosing your wrapping paper, the string or ribbon (or maybe no ribbon at all), the stamp.
i use different writing styles too, according to my theme. yes, i hand write everything, but of course, that's my style
so anyway, having received another one of those romantic, retro packages, i decided to take pictures of it and share them with you guys!

what to you think?
how to you like wrapping your packages?
xoxox my lovelies!

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