a cute tradition

well, here's the thing.
the majority of greeks celebrate easter differently, anyway my point is, there is a 7 week lent before easter day.
so back in the old times people invented this tradition:
out of a small and much saltier peice of dough they'd make a lady that wore the traditional costume of the area where it was made. she has seven little shoes that symbolize the seven weeks of lent.
each week that passes you are supposed to break the shoe off.
she also has both her hands under her apron or in the dress pockets to portray the fact that you don't lay hands on certain foods.
last but not least the mouth is a facial characteristic that is not designed on the dough purposely...i think you get why by now!
as i am a total sucker for old things and weird traditions i made a couple of by own!
check them out!
this one is wearing a traditional linen or silk chemise with fru-fru lace on the sleevees and the neckline.
the zig-zags on her apron are supposed to be lace too. her boots have two little buttons each.
this one is meant to be wearing northern greece costume. she has the wool vest-jacket, a traditional white wool chemise with lace, a pinned on apron... and the personal touch to this whole outfit?
the wool or fur detail at the hem of her skirt just to make the fact that she's from the north more obvious!
what do you think? like them?
i make them every year for the past three or four years and they're a big hit around my friends and family!
xoxo everyone!
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taking a (re)turn...

ever noticed that some trends are more like "ressurected" older ones?
well, it is a fact...fashion, like history, repeats itself and we have countless items to prove that.
a few days ago i was going through my mums old magazines and thought i might share a few things with you guys!
but before i do that....and speaking of magazines,
ever noticed how many, many women keep their magazines for a looong time?
i do that too, of course i'm quite young and the oldest magazine i have is just before 2000 (if i haven't tossed it...i should check!).
do you keep your mags? and if yes...for how long?
my mom's are ptretty old, you'll see from the pictures (don't get me wrong when i use the word "old", old is good and i like old stuff!)
so here goes.....

let's start with this picture! bohemian chic outfit. first of all let's just look past the 80's - 90's details and look at it with a "fresh eye". the gypsy skirt had a major comeback if i can recall correctly around 2003 and/or 2004. but of course some of these skirts can be still worn today, you can find them in wonderful vintage shops or your mom's/aunt's/grandma's closets! they are wonderfully stylish! i like them especially during spring and summer months!
then...notice the bangles. and specifically these ones are all minimal and white, perfect for summer...especially in the greek islands!
ok, so ignore the top and the earrings! she's wearing big sunglasses and again....a bangle!
p.s. something i just can't help but notice...hideous hair do!
let's move on shall we?
now, in the next picture try to focus on the models legs...

she's wearing colored tights! i love the comeback this trend had!
colored tights are huge from like this fall. the best thing about the comeback is that they're opaque.
they can turn a dull outfit into a stylish wow one! or just rock an already rockin' outfit!
check out one of this years lacoste commercial ...
and ...
smokey eyes! only back then they were preferably paired with bloody or bright red lips.
now for its comeback...
we went from black or grey or any really dark shadow with lightly colored lips to a wonderful smokey effect of 2010...the mystical-magical (as i like to call it).
greyish purple or midnight blue are used to give that smokey effect but also giving some color. i call it "magical" because these colors make you look like you popped out of a fairy tale. it gives that mystical aura to your look. and nude or really light colored lips certainly add to that effect!
last but not least...
ray bans! you know...the pilot style pair!
this is a picture of my mum when she was my age! they're wearable again, although i prefer my lovely wayfarers! (another comeback by the way)
by the way i dig up her closet!
i have found amazing peices, mostly accessories that i use very often! of course, i'm the type that adores old stylish stuff ...but i would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the subject!
do you dig through older family members closets?
have you ever found anything you loved in them?
xoxo everyone! i'll go dig some more!
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brand new......

in this post i will introduce my new bag!
it was sent to me from people i reaaaaly love to draw on and generally do whatever i want with it.
truth is, i don't feel i have quite finished it. to be more presice, i feel something is missing, but no sweat!
when i figure it out i'll just enhance it!
the bag is made of organic cotton and the design with fabric paint. i came up with the design while scribbling things i like that remind me of dreams. specifically mary poppins, never land, star dust, little english villages etc....don't get me started!
i sewed ribbon around the strings that keep the straps together.
p.s. what you see behind the bag is my, a bit messy, desk :P

so..........what do you think? do you like it?
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here's an idea!

remember how i told you i like pictures? especially old ones?
well i also like collecting unique post cards and brochures.
having quite a respectable amount of all of them in my house i came up with this decorative idea:

i lined pictures postcards and brochures over my closet doors....
by the way, i had painted my walls aaaall by myself!
i have some old pictures of my close family members, some vintage - baroque style cards, some postcards from athens and berlin....
all i did was sort my collections and pick items that had some one thing in common. for instance, it could be a color, or a picture angle, or they can all be black and white, or even the same picture over and over again! in my example...i can't really tell what  the thing they have in common exactly is...but usually with me it's sort of vague. you can tell though that they match and create an interesting balance with each other and the color of my wall.
what do you think? isn't it a rather stylish solution?

xoxo everyone!
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spring attack!

hello again!
how was your weekend? mine was nice and carnival was loads of fun!
i even found some free time to make some things.....
i got the spring fashion germ in my system at last and came up with a few colorful, fun and romantic ideas!
and this is only the bedinning!
so.....here are some pics!

this is a clutch i made right from step one! of course the main part is blueish...! i also tried making branch like shapes, i got the inspiration from the blossomed orange and lemon trees in greece.
by the way, due to low budget the person performing moddelling duties will be me :P
these are earrings i made out of orange juice caps! these caps are from a greek company i just found out about last summer, they look so retro don't you think?
i really want to hear...or rather... to read your opinions!
what do you think? do you like em?
xoxo everyone!
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the most stylish surprise!

hello everyone!
first of all i would like to wish you a perfect weekend! here in patras where i am now, we have a tradition....
it's carnival weekend!!
i hope the weather will do us a favour though and stop this endless wind and rain (it's been four days for goodness sake!)
here is the surprise i wanted to share with you!
i was visiting one of my favourite shops and stumbled across these amazing, most stylish.......
stickers! (yes i am 22 and bought stickers :P )

i scanned the box (above)
and the sticker pages so you could get a peep!

aren't they soooo amazingly cute? i couldn't resist!
i tried to find more information on the artist....virginie brachet ...but i was unlucky :(
anyway, i think she's very talented and these little figures and patterns are very stylish!
so now i'll leave you guys and go find things to stick them on!

what do you think? do you like em?
xoxo everyone!
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brand new obsession.....

i can't beleive i'm admitting this but.... i have a brand new obsession...
"the vampire diaries"

seriously, i can't stop watching it! i was bored and really tired one day so i decided to watch something and hit snooze mode. so...having heard of this show i gave it a try....
and i really liked it!
it is a whole lot better than "twilight"...i believe... it's got mystery, and attacks and love and blood, pretty interesting and i like how they incorporate many of the traditional vampire superstitions into it, like the vervain herb, the wooden stakes, how it has to be invited in and so on...
this whole new "thing" i have developed got me thinking...
what is this vampire craze that has hit our culture lately?
i mean it's got me too!(oh nooo is it contagious?... just kidding :P)
some say it's about how the vampire leading roles have everything girls look for in a guy...i sort of disagree. i like being able to be with a guy that doesn't want to eat me deep down inside him, or not being in danger from some old enemy or forgotten relative that doesn't appreciate the fact that i'm human. but then again, that is my personal opinion.
then of course, there is the whole adrenaline factor, you never know when and who is going to pop out of nowhere and what he will decide to do with you...i mean the actor playing at some specific moment...haha. this is actually one of the things that draw me to "the vampire diaries". you keep being surprised, they introduce clues and get you trying to figure out who is what (meaning what type of species if you can call it that) and what they're trying to do. let alone the flashbacks, i always found it interesting how people in the old days tried to deal with their fear of the unknown by making protective charms or special teeth cover ups...
other than that...this manic craze most certainly must have something to do with the fact that all the people playing in these films/ series/ books are beautiful, elegant, oh whatever i'll just say it...smokin' hot!
but still....it is amazing how it's gotten so deep into our culture...even in fashion
take a look at this collage i made from pics i found while searching fashion mags...

although i have to admit that i don't really mind on this "darkish" influence in fashion... i like.....
really interesting though, how many other things there are. it's not just stephenie meyer who wrote vamp books but i discovered other writers as well, like kerrelyn sparks who has a whole series of books. one of them is placed in greece - cool!
and then...let's count:
1. twilight series 2. the vampire diaries 3. true blood 4. buffy the vampire slayer...and so many more.
black and baroque style still exists in interior design and deco....
collage on interiors 
and there are countless blogs on this subject too!
what do you think? what reasons to give to explain this craze? has it got to you too? hey! honestly!!
xoxo lovlies...can't wait till tomorrow for the next episode...:P

p.s. the heels on the bottom right of my collage are mine! i love those shoes!!!
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i am soo sorry it has taken me so long to make another post, and that this one is going to be sooo short,
but you must forgive me - exam periods for architecture students means losing any kind of contact with the outside world!
no, really! i'm serious! these deadlines are shockingly stressful!
anyway, i promised i would let you see my last weeks project.....
well, we have a blog for the specific lesson and we were asked to post everything there, so if you want a taste of what i did here it is!

the reason i said "a taste" is because it's all written in greek. but if you want more details i will be more than happy to show you. on this post i just put a pic of my presentation poster!
hope you like!!!!!
looking forward to read your thoughts!

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a short one...because i'm beat!

oh my dears!
first of all have a wonderful febuary everyone!
remember how i was going to stay in the whooole weekend working on a project?
well, i did, and i had some issues that delayed me tragically but....
in the end all went well!
i'm so glad, and relaxed now! i literally put a huge part of myself into those projects and it is so releiving and satisfying to see you are appreciated.
there was this one thing though...haha i was told i lacked enthusiasm for actually presenting it.

i totally agree!

but how could i have been entusiastic when i hadn't slept much, worked literally from sunrise to sundown and was so absolutely stressed over getting the stuff done.
haha! my friends told me i was barely sitting on my chair (not even to mention a staight back!!). anyway i know that he didn't mean it in an offensive way, after all HE knows how much i worked my ....bottom....off!

sooo..now i'm off to bed my dears! after i take a loooooong hot bath.

p.s. if you like i can make a post..show you what i've been up to :)
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