fun and disaster .....

how was your weekend?
mine was ok....i cought the flu (unfair) but i still got to do things! so anyway...
i wanted to share some easter goodies with you! i like decorating for easter and i like making some of those decorations by myself (you must be extremely surprised right?!)! so here are a few to look at while i finish some others! (which of course i'll share with you the very instant i finish them.
so here goes!

 turquoise-blue paint on my fingers is there to give out clues on my next easter project....and to remind me why it's good that i have waited this long to paint my nails again :P
this one was my favourite one! and i broke it this morning! and that is only today's disaster part one! and i think you can tell this took some respectable amount of time to get done :(
 now, for disaster part 2
i wanted to make macaroons...........well, i did.......(take notice: "i wanted")
only they came out in every other shape than a circular one, they are freakin' flat,
most of them cracked and well it is such a pittiful site i couldn't bear take a picture to show you because then i'd have to look at it for many days to come!
tomorrow i'm getting my ticket to "the scorpions" concert!
and thank heavens i had another dessert planned as well, for easter table which i'm very confident about nailing it so! yay!!!!
well that's all about this!
i'd really like to hear your opinions on the eggs matter!

xoxo people!
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a little sharing.....

hey! i have so been waiting for this weekend!
it's time for a break, and my desk will stop looking like a bomb exploded over (under, around, inside....) it.
time to get some other stuff, along with some university work done, (no i never stop :P).
so considering all this, i thought i might share some pictures of a typical day getting projects moving...at home.....
well, here goes....
here are pictures from the beginning and as time went by of my work space, of course, lucky for you,
you don't get to see what it looks like after 6,8...12 hours of non-stop work!
i was pretty tired and fed up these last couple of days...so when i woke up i decided i should have some sort of breakfast. so juice seemed good and energy boosting too :D
maps, sketches, a tiny ruler (with my mark on it) just reaaaally trying to come up with something....
starting to get things digital....
i leave my mark on everything....like this little sticker :)
time for a coffee buzz...and show and tell stops here! because from now and on chaos starts :)
hope you enjoyed!

have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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pop up surprise!

for my weekly architecture - something post........i think you are going to enjoy this one!

just today i came across the coolest postcards ever!
at this point i feel obliged to  admit that since i was a little girl i loved mini things. anything miniature and i'd have to have-look-play with, like polly pockets and doll house furniture! so you can imajine how much i liked these!
you order them online from these english designers, A Studio for Design, at their website http://postcarden.com/ .
you just unfold and fold them like a pop up book and then, once you're finished "building" your garden you place some seeds you get along with the postcard, water them and...
you have your own mini garden. you can choose from three designs,
the botanical garden, the allotment garden and  the city scape.
i made  small collages to show you all three with pics i found on their fantastic website!
i love them! aren't these sooooo cute?!
i also found a cool video on how they operate!

what do you think? would you buy these?
xoxo my lovlies!
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there is this interior deco style i most admire - colonial.
i find it extremly romantic and stylish. you can use brighter or more simpler colors, mix and match your furniture.
speaking of funiture, most items are vintage, you can find amazing pieces at thrift stores or street fairs and vintage stores....not to mention yard sales.
what i enjoy most is changing the items that aren't quite what you want them to be yet, like a lamp, a tablecloth or a bathtub.
inside you get this airy, light and cozy feeling.
i intend to paint my bedroom this summer, and i'm going for a classic style paint job (by me of course).
just to make myself clear...
i'm too weird of a person to have a style (decoration or fashion-wise) that can fall into any of the existing and universally aknowleged categories (aka minimal, colonial, pop etc.).
my style is more of a mixture and i haven't found a name for it yet.
anyway....here are some pictures i found that i'd like to show you of colonial style rooms that prove my point!
sorry, but i can't remember where i found these! amazing though right?!
 picture from: www.ihavenet.com
 picture from: www.houseandhome.com
a more minimal yet still very chic and romantic example. this is a very close shade to the one i want to use on my bedroom walls, a sort of cream - beige with white details on the window, door and closet frames.
picture from: marthastewart.com
they have a wonderful tutorial for the picture pillow if anyone's interested. i just used the pic because it pictures exactly what i'm trying to say. this one also has this ocean coast twist to it which i also love! and it incorporates blue :P
picture from: www.marthastewart.com
no comment!
just kidding! really pretty though eh?
i like the frame collages, they make a room more interesting. for smaller spaces you can use mirrors to reflect light which will make your room feel lighter and a bit bigger. for larger ones, you can use them as above with baroque style frames, or you can use those wonderful little thin and simple ones to make a collage with old pictures
really, there are so many solutions. to me (re)decorating  feels like when you're given a peice of paper, a million different drawing materials and you are told to just  express yourself and let your imagination free.
i guess that's all for today, i'll go back to work now again!
oh! and wish me luck! today is my first driving lesson! (in greece those start at 18 and yes i'm a late bloomer)

xoxo everyone!
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weekend post

what are you guys doing for the weekend?
i hope you have fun!
mine is gonna be a bit busy (you must be reaaaally surprised! lol) but i made time for my bestie today!
so here is my weekend movie post! 

we'll watch a movie and lounge on my couch.
so i was thinking movies, i'm not quite sure what kind we'll be into tonight. anyway....
an idea popped to mind. i always liked those single page collages in womens fashion mags that picture clothes that compose a style that reminds you of a movie.
well, i thought i might try once in a while to post such a collage about different movies.
so i'm starting today with an all time classic that i watch at least once a year....
"my fair lady"
check it out!
 what do you think?
like it?
i took a picture of audrey in the pink frilly dress, one of my fav scenes and translated it into a style for all hours of the day. it's that scene where professor higgens visits his mother only to find eliza there having his mother on her side (and poor freddy somewhere roaming around sort of in love) and completly independant giving him a lecture about how the whole world does not evolve around him.
oh! and i don't know if you noticed but i just had to add my something blue!
happy weekend sweets!

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goodmorning everyone!
these days have been a bit busier and a lot nerve wrecking for me....
so, during small breaks i decided to make my own beads in an attemt to make
some new jewllery i came up with....
here it is!
so these are the sketches of what i'm gonna start to do. however i can't promise that they'll come out like this in the end, and not because i won't be able but because when i start making something new ideas come popping out and i end up enhancing all my designs!
 aren't these cute? and i couldn't help by the cernit, the colors were so spring -like!
so, i made round beads of different sizes (i'll be making some light grey ones too), because the idea in my head is basically based on the same shape - different sizes scheme.
and the little petite prince booklet is the sketch pad i carry everywhere in my always overloaded bag! and for the greeks living in greece i bought it at protoporia bookstores.

another thing i wanted to share with you was a recipe!
yes, i bake, i bake when i'm really pissed, stressed or pressured (so imagine what happens when i suffer from all of these together!).
so since i was all of these,
i put on my fav apron and started baking these a-m-a-z-i-n-g, as it turned out, mini apple pies!
so here are the ingredients.....
for the crust: 1and 1/2 cups all purpose flour, 1/2 cup self rising flour, 1 tsp. salt, 3 or 4 tbsp. sugar, 2/3 cup shortening, 6-7 tbsp. water.
for the filling: 3 medium sized red apples, about 1/2 cup light brown sugar (i like things a bit less sweet), chopped walnuts according to taste and 1 tbsp cinnamon.
as for the "how to" you just mix the crust's dry materials and then mix in the shortening, it's better done with your fists (and more fun too). then add the water little by little again mixing with your hands until dough feels workable.
you let that stand for a while until you peel and dice the apples, mix them with sugar, wallnuts and cinnamon. let those sit until you grease and flour a 14 muffin pan. roll the dough about 1/8th of an inch thick and cut with a large glass. place some of the circles in the muffin seats, fill them with apple mixture and cover with the rest of the circles. bake at normal pie baking temp until golden brown ( i always wanted to say that :P).

xoxo everyone :)
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i made new earrings for one of my girls and this time i have pictures with a different model (meaning not me!)!
check them out!
i used thread, yarn, dark blue wire and glass beads.
i think my fingers look clearer than the earring in this one...oops!
my model and friend...vicky! (everyone say hi!)
what do you think? i'd love to hear your opinions.
by the way, this is my new favourite nail polish...for this season at least :) and those chairs  in one of the picture fonts are from the studio at university.

xoxo my lovelies
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i fell in love with.....

this house!
i think i'll go pack my things now and move to sweden!
just kidding....
but seriously though check it out!
it was designed by swedish architects elding oscarson in landskrona, sweden. it's width is only 5 metres and it is set between many really old and more traditional houses, in a pretty densed area.
i love everything about this house, the way it's introverted giving the residents privacy, how the architects play with the different levels, the way the light comes into the home, the very smart managment of such small space to include everything a comfortable household needs.
i even like the designs - plans, elevation and the model. from these i will post pictures but to see pictures of the actual building you must visit http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/8765/elding-oscarson-townhouse-landroska-sweden.html (one of my all time favourite design-architecture websites!) where i found the pictures below as well.
so here is the floor plan design by the architects.....
these plans show exactly what the house is all about, i especially like how all the furniture and trees are sketch-like while the walls are architecturally presice.

elevation design.

this is a picture of their model and the front facade of the building. the really cool thing is that the model opens to reveal the awesome game with different layers, spaces, light entrances.

what do you think?
i know i love it! this is a brilliant architectural solution to the issue of housing in small spaces in densely built, old european centers.
by the way...did you enjoy the little architecture talk? 

xoxo everyone!
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hey everyone!
i hope you have a wonderful weekend!
today i thought i might bring up the subject of dreamy places.
have you ever been walking around a city and discovered some little hidden places that seem to have a somewhat dreamier aura to them, than others? like they've popped out of some old storybook?
well, in patras there are many of these sorts of places and i love taking pictures of them.
i thought you might like to take a look....
part of the garden....
this is a really old house - estate sort of near my place. i haven't found out to whom it belonged or belongs but it reminds me of "the secret garden".
what do you think?
have you ever come across queer, romantic, out of time places?
have a lovely weekend everyone!

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stylish tourist?

as spring weather is approaching (here in greece at least) travelling season also approaches!
lovely sun but not too hot weather urges you to get out of doors, visit other places
exotic...or not!
university trips are planned from now on, easter holidays are on their way etc. you get it by now!
so i thought i might make a tribute to tourist wear!
all of us have probably seen those tourist tee's that picture places or monuments.
truth is, it is understandable, when you go someplace new you're excited, you want to participate,to draw in the city/island/monument you see so you wear it too!
well maybe not you but you guys know what i mean..:P
here are some stylish t-shirts that are dedicated to all the categories named above!
you can wear them and feel absolutely stylish while sucking in new experiences!
of course i could not but post my all time favourite and all time classic peice "i heart ny" tee!
i found this lovely on polyvore!....oh la la paris! ( http://www.polyvore.com/t-shirts/shop?category_id=21)
this one i totally dig! i found it on acropolis apparel, isn't it so pretty? (http://www.acropolisapparel.com/index.php?cPath=4_6&products_season=SEASON+I)
since we were on classical and sort of greek images i posted this one next. i love this one too! i found it on cafepress.com under the search term venus!
and now for the more exotic destinations! above a zebra tee by stella mc cartney, i found on net-a-porter!
and below, from london fashion week, spring/summer 2010.....
by monsieur ashish!

what do you think?
when you travel are you ever temted to blend in with the sites?
well...i am now!

xoxo everyone!
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pin yourself!

hello everyone!
how was your weekend? i hope you had fun!
well, i have a bit of something to show you today...
i thought you might want to see my handmade pin and earring collection. first i found sketches of cartoon characters i love and then i turned them into pins and some earrings. it took me a while to make them all, but it was worth waiting!
you see, now i can call them a "collection"!
so here we go!
meet alice in wonderland! this pins design was from an original sketch of alice from back in the time. i found so many of those i wanted to make them all!
winnie the pooh! again from an old sketch.
my very very favuorite ..peter rabbit.
 madeline's pet dog.
and now for some earrings....
mafalda earrings!
the gangster from "little people".
princess from "little people"

what do you think? do you like them?
what are your favourite cartoons?
xoxo everyone!
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