seeing dots...........

this title is meant quite literally!
these days were busy and this week will be unforgivingly tiring (i'll be seeing dots!)
in fact my brain has been so occupied that it took me some time to remember i wanted to do a post on lingerie!
so now that i've spoiled the surprise.....
here are some oh so stylish and cute peices of lingerie that i thought you might like to see!
they certainly make my day...!
mimi holliday by damaris 
jean yu
my beloved philip lim....
and something to cover up and not catch another cold...
elizabeth and james
what do you think girls?
any guys opinions here? i'm curious....
anyway, i found these sooo romantic! they're feminine but have that girly touch too from the little polka dots! by the way, lingerie is believed to boost female confidence, and i have to agree! it can make me feel pretty and feminine...even when i know noone else will be taking a peep!
hope you all enjoy your weekend!
oh! and the pictures are from lingerie and tops at fabulous net-a-porter!

xoxo my lovlies!!!
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one of my favourites....

so this time i won't make a collage but i will post some amazing peices i think follow one of my all time favourite movies....
"a room with a view"
plus - it has one of the most lively and romantic kissing scenes in period drama.
so these things remind me of this movie so much!
forever 21 blouse
church's oxfords, aren't they lovely?!
temperley, london- this reminds me of italian summer outdoors...
man! i love this chanel bag!
last but not least, a most stylish and elegant corset by ender legard corserty.
this movie leaves you with a romantic and nostalgic feeling...the manners, the way they speek, their clothes...
i personally think this is one of mr. ivory's best movies!

i'd love to know what you think! what peice of clothing reminds you of this movie?
have you seen it?

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les collages...

hello everyone!
i hope you'll have a lovely weekend!
this will be another short post, i was preparing something else, but ran out of time due to other merciless deadlines!
anyway, i will share with you my passion for collages starting with a mini presentation of two old ones i really love!
these two were made by a younger version of me.
i always liked art, in all of its forms but i was always more attracted to collages!
it gives you an odd freedom and some interesting restraints that you can combine in any way you imagine.
of course...i put together my beloved method of collage and fashion and got my own results...
i will be posting more later on in my blogging days...so if you're into collages as well stay tuned!

by the way...what is your favourite way of expressing yourselves and releasing your creativity?

xoxo my lovlies!
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sparkly tuesday post!

hi everyone!
i thought i might dazzle you with some swarovski shine today.
in vienna, a three floor exhibition installation - kristallwelten- was built with randomely placed led lights and crystal cubes that form an always changing facade. it was asked that the building would be a modern counterpoint to the historical setting in wich it was placed.
both inside and out the entire installation plays with human sight and feelings. it can look like solid ice, or heating liquid, the interior can show from the outside and so on.
but really, enough said...
it out!
picture from marie claire hellas, april 2010
i know this isn't my "stylish architecture post of the week" time yet (usually at the end of each week)
 but i couldn't help it!
i always liked playing with light and transparent materials when it comes to architecture...the things you can do with light and shade are amazing....
and this is a great example especially because it was made to work for the swarovski company and it does that exactly.
that means, it was supposed to represent glamour, shine, light, color, texture that swarovski has always represented itself through its products.

well...what do you think? interesting combination of technology and design?

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i promised....

.....that i would post that project on "old willow tree man" so this post is me keeping my promise!
for all of you who haven't read "the fellowship of the ring", by j.r.r. tolkien....
old willow tree man is in chapter 6 "the old forest" and it is a willow the hobbits run into as they decide to change their path after their first encounter with a black rider. this tree is old, magic, bewitches them and so...
pippin and merry fall asleep each in a hollow of the tree (since it was very big), frodo sits on a root wetting his feet in the withywindle river and sam goes wandering off. that's when the tree closes pippin and merry in, and dips frodo into the river.
in few words, tom bombadill comes along and helps them out of the man-eating tree and offers them some assistance before they arrive to the prancing pony inn (in the next chapter).
this was a whole part of the book that didn't make it into the movie...and since my prof (the lesson is called "architecture and nature") assigned us to design nature as it is described in some form of written word (book, song poem...) i decided to make this scene...
and here it is....

well, i made sketches of how i imagine the tree and its habitat, how i can translate magic, old age, hypnotic into a "natural" design. then i made a model out of wire and silicone, took pictures of it and made 3d-collages with them.

what do you think? like it?
sorry this was such a quick post but we're back to reality again at my place.
i'd love to hear your comments!

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architecture + fashion

hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend!
today, i have one of my weekly architecture posts!
for ages architects and architecture have had a close and interesting relationship. every time architecture gets into the path of fashion design magnificent objects are "born"....
just like the shoes balenciaga presented on the fall-winter 2010 collection, designed by pierre hardy
new materials along with wood, plastic, leather and metal are combined together in the most amazing way to give us this....
this is my favourite pair! they're icy blue....
pictures from my beloved designboom
and then... after i saw them, as a person with the architecture germ in my blood, i sketched them trying to visualise them as a puzzle taken apart.
aren't these shoes amazing? i wonder if they're comfortable and wearable...the heels are pretty thick and sturdy which is something i always prefer in heels (they help me stand with dignity and the pain on your toes and back is much less too).
i love this design, it is so architectural and unique, not to mention the fantastic combination of different materials.
i'd love to hear your thoughts on them though!

xoxo everyone!
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well, here in greece the weather has been so sweet and sunny! it makes me feel like summer is finally on it's way!
and speaking of summer...
i thought, beach, hats, flipflops and of course bathing suits.
will it be one-peice, a tenkini or a bikini? it's an inevitable question for the pre-summer period.
thinking of bathing suits, i decided to roam around the history of the bikini, a peice of garment that has caused so many confrontations, reactions, smiles etc. as the mini skirt.
so here are some bikini's that have come down to fashion history....
this is the very first bikini ever, by louis reard. i have no idea who this lady is, although i searched for a respectable amount of time. however, whoever she may be, that bathing suit does not flatter her at all! in fact the bottom peice reminds me of that trend during the 80's, if you take a moment to recall images from "the baywatch" you'll know what i'm talking about!
the great ava gardner in "the little hut".
one of the most recognisable bikini's on marlyn monroe!
ursula andress in one of the most famous movie scenes, in a bond movie. this bikini caused a lot of talk back in the time. personally i think it's super stylish and i would definately wear it!
cameron diaz in "charlie's angels"...enough said!
angelina jolie as lara croft. i love, love, love this bathing suit! proof that black is always stylish too.
i couldn't help it! an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini by lisa curran!
now, this is not a historical peice itself, but the song..............
and since we're on yellow, and polka-dots, i like colorful and simple patterns on bathing suits. it looks fresh, playful and summery, and if they are somewhat like the one above......

what type of bathing suits do you wear? or like seeing on other women? do you go classic or like experimentig with color, textures and patterns?
 i'd really like to know!
i prefer keeping mine simple, i have a red and white one, very navy style, and a white one with thin patterns on it like scribbles (seems i can't hide my architectural personality...:P)

well, that's it for the summer daydreaming....for now at least!
hope you enjoyed it!
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spring things....

how was your weekend?
well i had come up with some stylish neclaces and i made them, so i thought you might like to take a peep!
i used old fabrics and threads. in the first one specifically i used an old really romantic floral cotton fabric,
it looked really romantic and the colors were not that bright so it matches almost all other colors. i just thought...i think i will sew on some brighter beads though, but you'll have to see the blue bead version :)
anyway, i liked this neclace so much i'm going to make again it with other fabrics and probably add more beads and well....
generally explore what i can do with it!
so here's the first neclace.
for the other one....
i "wrapped" little round beads with a cotton ribbon and secured them in place with thread (remember from an older post ...my mom has quite a collection :P)
anyway...here it is!
(totally random point but...i like that pic!)
it ties in the back with a pretty bow, and the fact that the ribbon is cotton and matte helps so that it doesn't untie!
so what do you think? like them? aren't they stylish?
by the way, as you probably noticed i was on model duties again ....haha
well, it can't be that bad ....hm?
oh! another random thing. that black tee is new! it's pretty isn't it? (yes i'm proud of my little black tee!)

xoxo everyone!
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i have a sweet cousin that lives in northern greece and among many other talnets, she writes wonderfully!
so as we were talking one day....she told me she was writing some children's stories!
and then i thought it would be a great idea if i could illustrate them.
she liked the idea, and ever since then i have illustrated quite a few stories for her. so i thought you might like to see a bit of one book i illustrated in 2008, and a bit of the one i'm working on now!
this was the sweetest story about a strwaberry that wanted to travel! cute!
the one i'm working on now is about the water issue, how we are over using it and it has become less and how it affects the animals.
i have some sketches and notes but i have only completly finished the cover and the dedication...
and here they are!

translation: "the water meeting"
i'm going to continue all the drawings in the same pattern, black and white with a little blue here and there to emphasise on the water and how little is left. i always try to interpret the writers style and what she is trying to say exactly so that i can take that in mind when i sit down and start sketching.
what do you think? to you think it will look nice? how about the first one?
do you have any favourite illustrators?
i do! but i'll be making a seperate post on that! until then.....
have fun!
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love - lust - romance

i decided to post another one of my movie inspired collages today!
so this one is based on "carmen", the one pez vega starred in. naturally, this is an opera play,and specifically one i'd really, really like to see...
but the movie is quite amazing too. if you haven't seen it i totally recommend it!
but then of course, i'm a sucker for period drama's and romance so....your call :P
the whole story is full of great passion that magnifies every feeling the characters develop. there is lust and love,sorrow and happiness, anger and romance.
the scene is spanish, so the costumes are all vibrant, daring, flowing, revealing just as such an intense movie would aqquire....
so here are my thoughts on a "carmen inspired" everyday look
i'd love to hear girls opinions on this :)
however, i do think that carmen style is much more sexy and flirty and i must assume guys would appreciate it more than other styles (like the last one i posted) which are more girl pretty.
have a lovely day everyone!

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sunshine award

hello everyone! how was your easter? i had fun and the weather was on my side (yay!).
anyway! i'm not sure i'm actually doing this correctly but anyway...
i got nominated by make cupcakes not war for the sunshine award!
so here are my nominees (i don't have 12 fellow bloggers to nominate, i'm kinda new still, and plus some of them are boys so...):

that's all! 
p.s. thanx for the nomination chloe!
p.p.s. if you want to nominate, you take this prize pic, post it on your blog, then nominate and link 12 of your blog friends and let each one know with a lovely comment on their blog!

xoxo everyone!
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turqoise madness and butterflies!

happy weekend everyone!
this will be a big post! i was going to post my last eggs yesterday but i had to babysit a little boy! which by the way will definately brighten the end of this post even more!
so here goes with the eggs!
the hardest ones were the green ones (my favourite!) because the paper was so thick!
do you like them? i'm so satisfied! the idea just popped randomly in my head one day and....voila!
for the babysitting part, amongst other things, we wrote little words and under them little haralampos would try to copy them.....
anyway, after three a5 pages he decided he just wanted to watch me write words, so he would tell me words he wanted and i would write them down. check the last picture because i am actually trying to make a point here!
i love those crooked letters that little kids make! so cute!
so now for the finale....
this is the page where i wrote and he watched...well, among the words you see written on this page is one that looks like this: "μύξα" and that word in greek means well...
boys.....will be just boys! at any age, any height any...anything! i guess little preferences in words like this one is (one of the things) what shows how different the two sexes are, only that coming from a 5-year-old it's kinda cute!
oh well
that is all for today! i hope you enjoyed this post as much as me!
have a wonderful weekend!

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easter bread

sorry i've been gone for so many days, i had the flu :(
and that totally sucked cause it made me feel awfully exhausted!
so anyway, now that i'm feeling better i'll show you another easter creation of mine....
in greece, well actually, in certain places,
there is this tradition of somewhat sewing festive breads. that is what i do every christmas and easter with my family's bread. you see, my mum makes our bread (really yum by the way!) and i sit down
with my little tools and knifes and make different shapes and designs and place them on the loafs to be.
then the bread gets baked and when it comes out i pass the designed parts with water and honey so that they shine and get this wonderful redish color.
so i'll now show you pictures of before and after!
and the second loaf....
and now...baked!
in the back of this pic you can see what my next post will be about only the eggs are in a very premature phase of their artistic development!
what do you think? did i do a good job this year?
looking forward to another easter post!
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