warrior inspired!

hey everyone!
it's been quite a while since my last post, but things for me have been pretty hectic. so i've been running like a crazy lady from project to lesson to somwhere else where i was expected.....pff
here i am now! and i have prepared a pretty iteresting post!
i was going through clothes again...women's...and i noticed some of them looked like some warrior princess pieces! check it out! (before i go on to make my points)
by philip lim...
look at the brass detail falling on the left side of the skirt, and the metallic pattern of the top part.
camilla and marc
the top part of this one reminds me of a comic superhero lady...in the good sence. it looks dynamic, strong and so flettering, while the skirt adds the girlie, stylish and feminine side.
haute hippie (p.s. whoever gets me this top...i will love forever! :P)
i don't think i need to analyze this one...to me at least it shouts warrior outfit.

one vintage anga dress!
isn't this one fantastic? it reminds me of someplace eastern, like maybe it popped out of one sechrazat's stories....the top part resembles some traditional warrior attire, although i can't really name just one...
the lines on this one hug the body, outlining it. slim figure dress that looks strong and protective, and the folds remind me ofmaybe samurai shapes of some sort....

i can't deny...action figure dresses that look so amazingly chic and feminine and by no means sexist like in those totally skinny, leather, hugging, cleavage displaying outfits heroines wear in comic books (sorry guys i really love comic books but you have to admit those outfits are sexist....and don't give me the what is she supposed to fight in thing)
what do you guys think? romantic? chic?
i couldn't help wonder if the inspiration was something between the lines of tradition, and war...and why?
i really like it though!
love to hear your thoughts!

all fantastic pics from net-a-porter.com!
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super rally 2010 - patras

goodmorning everyone! hope you had a great weekend!
this post is going to be somewhat different from all the others, but i like posting cool things, especially controversial ones. you know...when you think something is beautiful and has a unique style of its own that you adore, but other people think it's nowhere near stylishness?
well....i'm posting my beloved harley-davidsons today! because i love them, i think they're absolutely beautiful, and stylish...and anyway...
this is where they took the more fantastic ones for judges to pass and nominate them for prizes.
this is more like a zoom-in. i posted this because in the front you can see the black bike that i fell in love with! now the funny thing is that it was one of the bikes that received an award - and then left. so i thought that this was the best shot i would ever have (doomed love...lol)
but no! the next day i was down-town for a project and as i was taking pictures of the buildings on one of the streets we're working on. they had parked like dozens and dozens of harley-davidsons there!! (you can imajine how excited i was...)
aweee...my baby...! isn't she beautiful?!
ok...moving on now!
the dudes....
and just so i don't fall completely out of subject (my blog's i assume...)
i dig this shirt, and this belt and those glasses......
ok my lovely bloggers!
what do you think? do you like anything that some of your friends had no idea about? do you like things that don't "match" the picture you presumably project to others?
i recently discovered i do! but according to my male friends and/or relatives that's what completes my picture, makes me more interesting.
thanks guys :) i needed that boost!

xoxo lovelies!
p.s. i have tons more pictures but this post had to end eventually :P
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flipping over bikes!

i was going to post something completely different but....
today i just flipped!
....out of excitement of course ! :P
i discovered (yes it was a discovery, i'm an architecture student so my contact with the outside world sometimes is minimized)....that patras, the city where i live now, hosts the 2010 super rally!

which means that for four days i will be enjoying amazing harley-davidson bikes roaming around the city...aloong with they're owners of course! i'm so excited! i love harley-davidson bikes (well actually i like honda and bmw ones a lot too). i like everything about them...what they represent, their history, their style, their freedom!
plus....i really like some of their clothes! they rock!
check them out!

firstly, i love this helmet!
loving this too!!! (of course....bags and me are a thing)
and now imajine these with a pair of lovely, dark wash, skinny jeans like these levis ones...
and all of this...much to the surprise of some poor friends that had no idea of this side of me :P
because let's not kid ourselves, i definately don't look like a biker chic...or one that likes that sort of stuff for that matter! but hey...don't judge a book by it's cover! i have a tomboyish side to my personality, i listen to rock (it gets pretty dark sometimes), i can't wear a dress without pairing it with a darker accessory (like a black round medallion i designed, or a black ring), i like boyish cartoons (peter pan, alladin, the incredibles, tom& jerry), i have a tendency towards darker gothic stuff( like that man-eating willow tree i did for a project...)
i promise that for the next two days i'll be carrying my camera with me everywhere in hope that i'll manage to steal a pic or two of bikes and bikers...damn my scedule or i would've already had some to show you!

oh well!
what do you guys think?

xoxo everyone!!
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nature inspired...

i was going through net-a-porter again...
looking around the dresses and flirty tops of very favourite designers, getting to know their peices a bit better...
i found myself "bookmarking" dresses that resembled things from nature!
only, none of them had a single print that made me think of a natural object.
so check them out!
by lanvin,
i could truely and honestly live in this dress! and doesn't it remind you of a white peony?

by the always classy diane von furstenberg! this one shouts peacock fairy!
by adam.....needless to mention that this reminds me of waves...(i need my vacations now please!)
this roberto cavalli piece reminds me of....
iris! my mom used to have purple ones in our garden when we lived in seattle! hmm...
last, but definately not least, philip lim.....ahhh... isn't this just a beauty? such a work of art! literally!
well this reminds me (i couldn't find a decent picture to demonstrate but oh well...) wood. more specifically, when you cut bark and it's dark on the outlines, and lighter in the inside, and there are different levels of different shades....
aren't all these fairy like?
this summer's dresses are so feminine and dreamy! so lively and energetic. and honestly....which woman wouldn't want to resemble a fairytale heroine? i know i would! but then of course that's just me....all daydreaming, stuck in period dramas, looking at the ocean :)
hope you enjoyed this post! i know i did! (ok i'll go daydream now :P)
i'd love to hear more opinions on this subject! like:
would you wear any of these? or are they too girlie? do you think fashion has become more comfortable and close to what women like to wear?
actually do you ever wear dresses? i do, especially during later spring and summer!
and also,
have you come across any piecees that remind you of something natural, like a flower, a waterfall, clouds?

xoxo everyone!
pictures of dresses all from net-a-porter.com!the rest were found from google images :)
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the event!

my blogger friend meg at the "thinking hat" nominated me for a beautiful award! thanks meg!
like i promised, i will now post pictures of both,
the opening of my friends graffiti exhibit, and what i finally wore!
fist of all i have to say the gallery opening was really fun, there were little tables where you could sit in the middle of the room and have a drink!
well here goes...
the guy in the blue tee shirt is one of the artists

you took the stairs to a small upper level and to the right you can see part of an articraft.
upstairs was really cool, there was a "collage" of pictures showing moments of their lives, a supermarket shopping cart full of empty spray paint cans and a table where you could sit and draw something.
back downstairs...
time for beer!

the gallery was in an old building in the center of the city as you can see from the flooring and the doors!
 from the left: me, our artist friend, ,my buddy's friend and my friend timos :)
and now here's what i was wearing...
a black tank top intimissimi, kind of low cut, with my really - really baggy pants that tie around the waist with a bow. they are very dark blue.
as for the accessories....all handmade by me! hope you like! i wore bright colored ones to break the blackness!
well? what do you think?
can't wait to read comments!
oh! and have a wonderful weekend!

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interesting couple....

i've already brought up the subject of fashion and architecture (although not in as much detail as i would like...)
but anyway,
i was invited to the opening of a graffiti exhibition held by an old friend of mine...and that got me thinking....
you see, of course, being a girl and especially one that takes notice in fashion, i was wondering what to wear, which also got me thinking....
graffiti and faashion!
and i don't just mean models dressed up in front of some graffiti park wall.
i mean graffiti actually interacting with fashion...
check these out!
of course i had to mention this peice first! a graffiti oscar de la renta, magnificent gown (later on i found out that kristen stewart wore this on some event....random info...anyway!)
louis vuitton graffiti bikini, summer 2010!
an older, yet favourite louis vuitton bag in colaboration with sophia cappola...
lanvin neclaces
from the fall - winter 2010 collection, proenza schouler along with artist j-brand...
and now for an idealistic project....
light graffiti fashion by atton conrad (this was my favourite piece!)

really interesting don't you think? i still want to see more stuff though! i think fashion and graffiti can make an extremely strong and creative couple!
i'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!
as for what i will wear? i'm thinking total black with funky accessories...but i'm open to any other options you might have!!! (guys included :P)

xoxo everyone!
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