university life...and unexpected info

hey everyone! it's been quite a while sonce my last post, i miss blogging so much! i miss you guys so much!
but i have finals, and my program is shit...umm..sorry, i mean really tough! :P
right now it's after midnight here and i just finished the second project i was supposed to send to a prof ...
yesterday i guess...speaking of time limit! ha!
anyway i'm beat! i haven't slept or eaten properly this last week and now i'm all worked up since i was literally obsessing on posting that second project in time! so here i am talking a whoooole lot again!
today, since i really need to go to bed (i have another project to work on tomorrow), i'll be making another little but really cute post!
i assume girls are going to enjoy this one!
feng shui apparantly sais that if you're single it's good to have things in pairs in your house, for instance two pictures on the wall, a vase with two flowers in it and so on....this way you're preparing your life for a partner, for you to have a pair!
well. recently i came upon a rumor!
it turns out that one of my favourite flowers, the peony, when used as decorative material...
whether on fabric or as a flower, or on a lamp, can attract romance in our lives!
i dunno, i'm not superstitious, but i dare anyone to try ;)
here are some pics of this magnificently pretty and elegant flower!
this is a desktop backround i couldn't take my eyes off...i had found it a long time ago so now i don't remember who took this fantastic picture! if anyone happens to know tell me though!

this was found on us glamour! from where i first heard the rumor here !
a peony fabric print from here
these are martha stewart's paper peonies! aren't they so pretty? you can get instructions here

hope you enjoyed this! and here's to getting done (on the 30th) and finally getting back to blogging!
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smells like summer

since i have a crappy program and exams are approaching, but i love blogging too much
i'll make a short but pretty post! hope you enjoy!
oh! and wish me luck with my lessons :)
so, here are my favourite perfume bottles for now!
just so romantic!
this smells fantastic too (i know because i have it)
something more modern and colorful!
alfred sung
simple, pretty like a drop.
for something a bit more eastern, reminds me of japanese gardens!

xoxo everyone!
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remember this?

hey everyone!
remember back in the day...especially us 80's people....how we used to wear tie dye?
man...! just saying the phrase brings back so many memories! in fact, i actually had a tie dye kit, that has survived til today in my closet! i totally dag it up after going through some magazines and stylish websites lately!
i could have never imagined tie dye could look so chic and stylish!
check it out!
old navy

jonathan saunders (net-a-porter)
donna karan
kathrine kwei donna clutch
 delias.com, found on teen vogue! now i'm not a big fan of pink, but this is pretty, no?

what do you think?
will you dare pull off this revitalised trend? i think i might!

xoxo everyone :)
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florals seem to be making quite a hit lately!
i have to admit i love them! they can be romantic and stylish and oh so feminine!
like these peices...
a maxi dress is a summer must, you can wear it on a tiny island boardwalk while going to dinner, during daytime, for a shopping spree....
marc jacobs
stella mccartney
larger prints can be pretty cute as well! and when little dresses tie at the waist, it's most feminine and flattering for most shapes.
but i have a thing for small vintage prints...
i like how this one plays with sheer material, and the little belt that accentuates your waist!
and one i own....and totally love!
now, how do we wear these cuties?
well, for me the whole thing rests on the word cutie. i like toughening up pieces like this with edgier, more rock items. a cool khaki jacket, darker but neutral jewlery, ankle boots or oxfords...
what do you think?
do you like floral prints, small frilly dresses? how do you wear them? and guys...do you like short, airy, flowery dresses on girls?
let's discuss!

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shy girl

hi everyone!
i saved some time to make a special post. this time i'll be posting my usual stylish, fashion pictures, but i'll be talking more personally.
i've been working like crazy lately, so my brain isn't working as well as usual....
but i'll start like this...
i hate categorizing people, mostly because i feel each person is so unique and diverse he can't possibly fit into one category (and it's damn racisit!). however there are groups of behaviour...and "behaviour" is the word i was looking for...
you see,
i'm a shy girl.
i gather almost all aspects of a shy person, i turn red every time i feel akward, or a cute guy talks to me (that's the hardest part of turning red), i can't do small talk - at all, i'm a total nerd and tend to be really clumsy, which is unfair because when shy pairs with gracefulness it is simply irresistible.
i wear glasses, but not all the time, i eat potatoe chips with bananas, i lift one leg to the back (flirtatiously like in old movies) in public,  i giggle and i'm ticklish, i match food with the movies i watch (just for fun), i write with parentheses, i don't wear skirts or dresses to some lessons and not because they invlove physical activities...and the quirks go on...
when i moved to greece i had a very hard time. it wasn't just adjusting to the new language and lifestyle, but my peers didn't appreciate my struggles (aka. nerdiness, perfectionism runs in my blood) or my quirkiness. however, i learned, as time passed, to love myself with all my weird, cute, shy, akward characteristics.
so, since i decided to get personal in this post.....i'll start talking more openly.
it took me years to get through all the damage done during highschool. it was one of those phases where after a certain point you just realise that it's not worth it. and then you're free, free to do your own thing ...with style!
i found friends that love me for all that stuff i just listed and i love them back for all the stuff they do :)
so here i am today, feeling great! well...almost (ah...perfectionism...)
all you shy people...let's discuss!
did it ever bother you that you're shy? it bothers me sometimes...i mean i've lost opportunities because of it. like when i like a certain boy (ahem...now!)....there is no way i can do anything more than a bit of akward eye-contact and a lot of blushing. and of course that won't get me anywhere will it?  
really, what's a shy girl to do in a situation like that? and do guys like shy girls? really though, i think my bright-red blush speaks more than me, so look out for it :P
and what about the clumsiness....i can drop things, trip on my own legs, look away and run into people in the process. not very pretty and girly, not that i ever considered myself "girly". i mean i like motorcycles, boyish cartoons and listen to rock at 5 a.m. (not because i was out having fun) for goodness's sake!
i fear i am a hopless romantic...i mean i act like a freakin' romantic comedy character don't i? my friend nina is right, things don't work out like that in real life, like in movies i mean! but who cares? we've got one life, and i want to make it as funnier, bubblier and prettier as possible! and i hope you guys do too! but taking my friend's advice as well, i'll take more control....with God's help!
love yourselves for who and what you are! it's more fun and relaxed that way!
and of course...do ti stylishly!

p.s. any tips on how to work up the guts when it comes to guys? guy tips accpeted :D

xoxo my lovlies!
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