door to fairy land...

there was this beach, in the middle of nowhere...
where you could reach up to a certain point by car (peferably jeep) through a narrow, steep and winding road
with no cement whatsoever,
and then to a tiny little road that you could pass only by foot (maximum 80 meters).
after managing to cross all that you reached this amazing beach with semi-clear pebbles, surrounded by boulders of rocks and short trees.
now the most amazing thing about this place was neither anything mentioned above,
or the turquoise waters,
but the caves.
there were tons of caves and one specifically had an underwater passage that led you to the open sea!
check it out!
this beach was long and oh so blue!
it was like you crossed an invisible door and entered fairy land! 
so perfect!
what do you think?
have you ever been to a beach like this?

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about soap...

hey there!
like i promised, i decided to start my series of "island posts" with my trip to a soap factory.
by now, all of you who have known me for a while, also know my love for all things old, rusty and romantic.
well, for my great luck there were tons of that type of thing in samos (which probably explains why i still daydream about moving there, or maybe buying a house and opening a buisness...ahhh...)
where i was styaing, ormos marathokampou, there was and is since 1920's a factory that produces green soap.
but not just any ol' factory, like the ones we're used to...nooooo....
it uses many old methods an the soap is actually the real, old- fashioned green soap our grand - grand parents used!
let me show you some pics!
the sweetest old man, that used to work the factory took us aside to tell us a few things about how it works, since when, where it ships etc.
well the factory started around the 1920's . the soap is produced from what remains from olives that were used to get olive oil from...which means basically the seed. from that, with the use of some sort of oil (not cooking oil) all the extracts are taken from the seeds along with the chlorophyle (which explains why the soap is green) and then towards further process. what remains is burnt and used for gardening, while the remaining oil is reused! this is such an ecological approach towards making soap, and it was used so many years ago!
anyway...after all that, the mixture is formed into masses that are left to dry, then those masses are shredded to peices for yet another drying session, and then finally boiled and cut into small cubes that after again letting to dry are finally formed into perfect little soaps that you can buy!
i bought some myself! i love the smell, and actually the whole factory smells like fresh green soap! (not smoke!)
so here are photographs of this unbeleivably cool and yet so romantic place...
this is something i never thought i would say about a....factory!
 i was very pleased to learn that this factory accepts orders and in fact, ships products all the way to sweden. the only thing that bugged me is that the sweedish company wants its own brand on the soap bars without the slightest mention of the real producers!

the company's name is ΥΙΟΙ ΚΕΝΤΟΥΡΗ. ΣΑΜΟΣ

hope you liked this post!

xoxo lovelies!
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i'm back!

ok that sounds a bit like a threat right?
so hi everyone!! it's been such a long time! i miss everyone!
i will be spending the next days organising and posting awesome material from my latest adventures on a
fantastic greek island i fell in deep love with!
but for now i want to accept two awards from two fellow bloggers and thank them once again,
through my blog this time, for nominating me!
so here goes...
my blogger friend gasai from beauty style addict awarded me with this cute award:

thank you so much and sorry for responding so late but i was in samos and i logged in through my bro's psp!(not kidding! i feel like such a gedgety person :P)
the same thanks and apologies go to my other blogger friend the analyst who wrights the my experiences with the hyperbole blog, who nominated me with this award!
so now...
i have to write 7 things you probably didn't know about me...thing i too had already done but can't find the post :D
so i'll right new ones!
1. something totally new...i'm in love with the island samos, where i went this summer! i love everything about it!
2. i like indian food soooooo much!
3. i eat potatoe chips with bananas!
4. i prefer vanilla to chocolate.
5. there are movies that are meant to be considered as thrillers but i watch them with my bro and laugh like we're watching comedies.
6. when i'm pressured i either bake or redecorate...seriously!
7. i wear turquoise socks with little elephants on them
and now that i have mentioned some very important details about myself (kidding :P)
i can move on and nominate my 8 fellow bloggers with both these wonderful awards! oh! and guys...
you don't have to write seven things about yourselves and feel free to pick both or one awards, although i think you all deserve both!
so here goes...these are my nominees!
1. chloe (http://g-e-t-a-l-i-f-e.blogspot.com/)
2. the analyst (http://theanalystquotes.blogspot.com/)
3. gasai (http://beautystyleaddict.blogspot.com/)
4. alyssa (http://mylifein-ablog.blogspot.com/)
5. ayelet (http://ganduna-manduna.blogspot.com/)
6. meg (http://simplysinghal.blogspot.com/)
7. ashleigh (http://ashleightimchenko.blogspot.com/)
8. david (http://anotherdavid.blogspot.com/)

thanks again! hope you enjoy your summer and your awards and definately stay tuned for tons of new info!

xoxo everyone!!
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a brief note!

hey everyone!
this is not fair! i was planning on making a new post, answering to an award my friend the analyst gave me and say leave a farewell - for - now note since i'm leaving for samos but.....
my charger died on me leaving me unable to finish work or do any of the above!
because you see  right now i'm posting from an old, old laptop that takes a loooong, long time to just open the mozilla window....anyway...
i am only allowed (considering the circumstances) to post my good - bye note!
so here goes!

bye everyone! i won't be posting again till the 23rd of july when i return from samos!
by then i will have tons of cool stuff to tell you and show you!
hope you all have a wonderful and stylish summer! as well as loads of fun! i will miss you!

xoxo everyone!

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exams finally and officially over! (i don't count a few little things left to do)
so now everything's about sleep, beach and getting to see my friends! man have i missed them,
even the ones that are with me at uni (with all that work and stuff)!
so my first "after exams" post is going to be about island vacations!
at july 10th i'll be travelling to a magnificent island in the agean sea, samos! and of course i've been thinking fashion!
island - vacation fashion....and here's what i've come up with!
because i have a style of my own...even on vacations!
 it was inevitable! i love my beige wayfarers!
anthropologie pj. 
cute pj's on summer vacations are the best!
forever 21 
ethnic earrings! this style matches samos really well since it's kind of eastern in history and style.
also forever 21
now, you can't go to an island without a sundress...like this one...
lover (net-a-porter)
or this one (i already have)
calvin klein
a perfect cover-up for the beach! or should i say...beaches!
a cute and light top. this one's l'agence(net-a-porter)
a pretty and simple dress for evenig walks like this one....lela rose(net-a-porter)

do you like these? what do you think?
what style do you prefer for summer? and of course....are you going somwhere this summer? if yes where?

xoxo lovlies

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