back to work!

hey everyone!
hope summers been great for all of you! i'm back again!
i'd gone to a friend in kalamata, a great city by the way, after i finished a paint job on a baby's wall, wich i will definately be showing you on a next post!
so you see why i hadn't been posting again regualrily as i did in the past. this summer i was a bit of a rolling stone myself! i landed some jobs i really enjoyed and i got to go to fantastic places and now i am able to share all this with you!!
so here are some more imajes from my vacations in samos as i had promised!
ancient sites! my absolutely most favourite places!
towards pythagora's cave
the remains of a "kouros"
iraion...aka. the largest known temple of hera, of antiquity
i realise now that i have never told you guys that one of my oldest dreams was to become an archeologist!
i love everything about this job, it is only for this job that i would put up with big, scary insects, tons of hot sun over my head, not to mention (greek) public services.
anyway...there's one more thing you didn't know about me :P
ans samos was just full of ancient sites and exhibits, with amazing museums too!

love to hear your thoughts!
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