color and texture.

hey everyone!
i'm very proud...and happy...to announce that i have officially started my thesis
with a very good friend of mine...vicky and we'll be working with one of our
most favourite professors!
so i've been in a really good mood in fact, i decided to play around with my clothes today!
i mixed up my favourite pattern with some lacy detail and baggy cotton shorts!
yes! shorts! it's still pretty warm here!
check it out :)
 this is vanessa's nail polish. color? i guess old and used gold!
and all three textures together.

do you ever feel like mixing fabrics and colors to match your mood?
or have any clothes that you just have to wear when you feel really great?
did you like my mix and match for today?

xoxo everyone!
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weird week...

hello everyone!
hope you had a great weekend...
i don't have much material to post about today...
it's been a very weird period of time for me. you see, this semester i'm going to be working on my thesis
and i've got this architectural competition going on...and i've been doing some real soul searching...
trying to make the right desisions and all that. or more like avoid the wrong ones...
and i'm kind of wondering what to magor in, or what direction i should lean my architectural knowlege towards.
i'll post about this awesome work space some cool spanish architects designed!
for those of you who can't read greek, and because the letters are pretty small anyway..this was designed by the spanish architects Selgas Cano in madrid to be their awesome offices!
it's in the woods and though it may look short and narrow it feels like you're working inside the forest.
cool huh?
well, that's it for today! i'll go take a relaxing bath, emphasizing on the "relaxing" part, and finish some work for my french classes!
i'll be seeing you again very shortly!
until then...have a great day, week and time in general!

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doodling and proud!

for those of you who don't know, i'm an architecture student...
so pens and scetch books are an extension of my arm!
some days ago i started doodling outfits out of my imagination. just to note this
i call these doodles because i never got to finish them all completely, but i thought
you might like to see them anyway!
so here goes!

black, flowy with matte gold detail.

fluffy, mustard knitted jacket, silk blouse and skinny trousers.

i imagined this as a fluffy soft material skirt with lots of tulle under it and only showing a bit at the hem!
i imagined this was going to be a silk blouse.
and this, in my mind, is midnight blue and the triangle part is the same color only a vintage kind of lace.
hope you liked my sketches!
do you have any hobbies? or like to sketch?

xoxo lovlies!
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a little romance never hurt...

here's what happens when combining lace and pearls and a bit of free time!
romantic earrings!
to tell the entire story...i was supposed to go to a friends garden party and i knew i was going to
wear my new, black, fall - winter dress, and some baroque style black sandals (...since it was a garden party...)so all i really wanted was a pair of statement earrings!
and this is what came out of it...
the lace was vintage and off - white...i found it in my mums closet.
oh! and i finally got my style characterised! my friend vanessa called it "contemporary vintage"!
what do you think?
like them? would you wear them? they were quite a hit with my friends.

xoxo everyone!
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hey guys! hope you all have a happy weekend!!
i was taking a coffee break and came across a chloé customised jean auction. 
chloé asked some celebrities to customise each, a pair of jeans whose profits will be given up for charity!
here are two of my favourite pieces!

by chinese actress chen ran

by french actress clémence poésy!

hope you all have a lovely weekend!

xoxo and see you next week!
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a short post for today,
since i'm supposed to be working on another project.....hmm...
but i can't resist, so here goes!
i looove mini things, i haven't quite figured out why, but ever since i remeber myself
i love anything that's scaled down!
remeber those little pocket polly pocket toys? i had a few!
but now that i'm a big girl, i still like mini stuff, just a different kind, check them out!
from your left: lumiere parfum, the new chloe pafume, and a tiny animal print tape.
mini decorative tapes from jumbo (something like toys r'us in the states!)
from the left: mini hair clips, 2000 piece arizona desert puzzle (i'm soo going to lose those peices), a small tin bucket where i plan to plant a bonsai olive tree!
from your left: my new polish bottle, a mini smart car, in a bench i designed a couple years ago for a specific pavillion, a small starbucks cup from my capuccino :)
and finally, one of my favourite cars (i prefer it in coal black), and yes i bought the new galliano perfume 9in a 40 ml bottle) and i love it! it smells beautifully!

well that's all for today! are you obsessed with any certain type of things?
i'd love to know!

xoxo everyone!
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missing the grey...

last saturday i woke up to this amazingly cool breaze, baby grey clouds and a pretty, light drizzle that lasted almost all day giving that perfect smell of wet mud and freshness!
it lasted only for a day....and since that saturday it's been sunny, humid and pretty warm.......
so...since i've missed all those fall things i thought i might interest you guys in
a cute grey and cloudy post!
hope you enjoy....at least all you fall deprived fellows like me :)
i'll start by some pictures by michael casker from his series "pet cloud"
by the way, i want a pet cloud too!
my favourite pic!
i'm in love with this series of photographs!
i also love.....

and since i'm ultimately in fall mode, i went out and got my fall nail polish....
a pretty and stylish sheer light grey whose sheer gives a hint of gold!

what do you think? like it? ria?
this is a fall trend chanel started if i'm not mistaken and which i like so much...after all chanel is the definition of chic and stylish!
during fall, i love taking long walks around my neighborhood...nature has such pretty colors during this season and that greyish tint in the sky really brings them out!
this picture i found and unfortunately don't know who it's from reminds me of walks like those...
it was titled "red" though. whoever tooke this...this is a wonderful shot!

so do you guys like fall? what do you like about it?
what do you like doing this time of year?

xoxo everyone!
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the clutch!

hey everyone!
hope you all have a great weekend!
now you know how i like recycling and going all green and stuff...well...
i made a clutch out of magazine scraps using the weaving technique we used to use as little kids with gum wrapping papers!
check it out and let me know what you think!
90% of the mag scraps are from my really really old glamour mags! one of my all time favourite womens mags!
it closes with a satin, off-white lace like a baroque corsage! cute huh?
and it really works too!
so what do you think?
my gorlfriends loved it! i do too!

xoxo and happy weekend everyone!
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new baby...new walls!

hey everyone!
hope you're all doing fine! 
i'm coping with exams again....not being very good at concentrating....but oh well! all the better for my blog right?
so i have cute news! my cousin and his wife recently had a baby! the cutest little boy!
so i got to make his bedroom wall..yay! 
i wanted to do something kiddy, like a fairytale...something that will make the little guy want to daydream.
so i came up with a pretty teddy and little boy design that inserts details from some well known fairytales as well as details of my own. the best things about this job are letting your imagination run free,
the fact that you know you're doing this for a little person and
the expression on the people after you're finished...all smiley!
so.. here are the pictures and i'll start by some of how it was when it sarted!
it was quite a large design as you can sort of see...
i wanted to insert a snobish prince frog...
that's it! what do you guys think? is it cute? is it something you'd enjoy?
i'd love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo everyone!
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