magical box

hey everyone!
how've you all been? i've missed you and blogging so much!
i am doing well now. i've been gone for so long due to family and work issues...
everything now is back in order and so will my blogging...hopefully!
lately i really wanted to redecorate my place, of course no time for that either....
but anyway i did do my reasearch and i've recently come to adore
BOX architects!
they collect and sell beautiful items from numerous famous designers and teams like, Culti, Artek, Erik Jorgensen, Carl Hansen, Offect, Light Years, Viccarbe, Secto Design, Tom Dixon, Verpan, Rina Menardi, Unique Interieur...
here are some of my favorite items that you can find on their website!
i wanted to turn towards earthly colors and gold.
from the "capsule collection"
cola cups.
candle holders.
aren't these unique, simple and tres chic?
i love them!

have a lovely weekend, tons of fun and minimum work!
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oh la la....!

short post...! i just had to make time for this one!
anne hathaway on us vogue's november 2010 issue was dreamy!
sooooo elegant and chic!
here are my two most favorite shots....
pictures posted from here.

aren't these beautiful?
goodnight everyone :)

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what a pickle!

hey everyone!
hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
i'm very sorry i haven't posted in so many days but the thing is i've been getting myself into truble
since last wednesday!
i sent my laptop to hp headquarters....
i got my mum worried about my "inadequate, for a 22 year old, flirtatious life "....
...she said i work too much...i wonder why...:P
i found out what it's like to attend a friend's (not relative's) wedding single and alone, luckily for me, in an unexpectedly entertaining way...
and now i've caught myself a wonderful cold!
but....i can't stay away from blogging for long, because i love it too much!
so today i'm posting ...
english style and brown!!!
brown oxfords from givenchy...it can't get any more english style than this!
i'm in awe with this marc jacobs piece! how many of you agree that this seasons collection was a masterpiece?
when i saw this stella mc cartney bag i instantly pictured it with the oxfords above, dark skinny jeans like these american eagle ones, and a reddish - brown trenchcoat....nice?
so now i'll go take my temperature again and try to get some work done! i'll be back soon posting on some new cool stuff i made that i really want to share with you guys!

xoxo everyone !
p.s. dress in layers! it works marvels for this season....take it from me who caught a cold the only day i didn't layer!

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sweet poison...

hello again!
how was your weekend?
vicky and i officially got started on our thesis and we will be using a blog to keep an online
and somewhat interactive archive of our research...here!
anyway i want to share with you today, something i really love....
skull accessories!
so here goes...
i thought i absolutely had to start with an alexander mcqueen piece simply because he rocked this style!
daisy knights (both pics above from net - a - porter)
again...from fantastic asos.
and last but not least a piece i've been dreaming of getting...!
alexander mcqueen again!

do you like skull accessories? or are they too "dark" for you?
for instance my mum completely freaks out about wearing skulls because she sais it's what a person that passed away looks like.
i think it's just another part of nature....i also like accessories themed by animal skulls....
but animals will be on a different post!

xoxo everyone!
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