the lemons post

hey everyone!
happy week!
i found some time on sunday night so i thought i might make another post!
so here's what's happening...
stuff at the uni are getting a bit hectic and stressful again...
so my  friend vanessa and me are a bit overwhelmed....and i told her we have to think positive! when life gives you lemons...bring out the tequila!
and that got us thinking drinking and fashion! and here's what came out of my procrastinating mania...
first of all...
a mexican chic look!
then for the all time classic
a more baroque style that reminds you of big warm ball rooms with woden floors and fireplaces...
then for my personal favorite
a more chill look. a greyish dress that works as blank canvas where you can add your color just as you can add your flavour to vodka!
and last but not least one of vanessa's favorites...
for something more eccentric and hot....with a hint of 80's...
these may not be outfits to wear ot your friends house the evening you desperately want to get drunk and laugh at life....
more like outfits to rock a night out at a nice bar :)

what do you think? do you like them?
what kind of drink do you prefer when you go out?
or when you have moments like these where you just sooo want to get drunk?
pictures from net-a-porter and asos and collages by me :)

xoxo lovelies!
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hello everyone!
well here's the thing....
since last year i've been wanting to have this great
after - Christmas party to celebrate my birthday and name-day with my friends.
well that didn't happen.......only so that this year i can host it together with 3 great friends all that are also celebrating stuff then!
eftychia, vanessa and vicky!
this is great news! and although it sounds early to make plans for the 15th of january...
that is when we get back...it's not !...(for instance invitations will be sent much later)
our party will be black & white!
so here are some outfit ideas!
my personal favorite...rocker girl chic...not much to my your surprise i assume! i can easily imagine this with white opaque tights( ....or black ones) to make a strong contrast.
this one outfit is deticated to my friend nina...she loves grey! can you blame her?
i cant! and it's certainly surprising to go in grey to a party like this...and surprises are good!
i'd like to see this with black tights either opaque or with some lace - like knitting!
nina inspired this outfit as well! i just filled in some details ...like the earrings!
i have to tell you this dress is fantastic! and it has just the right amount of glamourness for a black&white party!
i'm really looking forward to this!
i'd like to hear what you like to wear to such parties.
do you like themed parties? i love them!
do you usually dress up or down for such parteis ...the ones that are college parties but not entirely....:P ?
pictures from net-a-porter and asos (noted)
collages by me :)

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berry red!

goodmorning everyone!
can you beleive it's saturday morning and i'm at uni waiting to get a project corrected?
and darn i love my saturday mornings!
anyway...i thought, until my prof shows up i might post...finally!
these past few days there's been lots of talking about liking non-mainstreem things or may i say different things than what is considered "the norm".
to make it more clear...like liking bikes and batman while being a petite, blond, curly haired girl (ehem....pointing to me!) instead of let's say....something more feminine...
or liking the side dish of an order more than the dish itself....
or laughing at that part of the movie that noone else finds funny! (i do that a lot too :P)
so i thought...every winter everyone talks about bright red lips!
do guys like them? or do they make you non kissable?
do we even care? it's considered tres chic! so here's to the not so bright,
not quite red...berry red lips!
us vogue 2010, anne hathaway
GQ mag 2010, emma stone
nylon mag 2008, leighton meester

so pucker up for berry red ! it looks so light and chic...
and feminine ;)

happy weekend everyone!
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rocking photography!

how was your weekend?
i had a dvd night with my bestie georgia...aka...cheesy movie, junk food, and hilarious commenting!
so, here's the thing.... you know i love photography and prints....
especially putting them up on my walls!
well, lately i've developed quite a cruch on rock star and concert themed pics.
they have an aura to them....not to mention a movement that i cannot resist.
of course, i like rock music too....
but i truly find them chic and stylish...
check these amazing shots of my favorite jared leto!
this last one is standing proud on my laptops desktop! it's like an all time classic rock shot.
other than the fact that this man is insanely beautiful....
i honestly love these pictures! 
in the first one, the colors are like they were picked out for the picture...and you can tell they weren't because the reddish pink, other than on some stickers, is also on his hair.

what do you think?
do you admire any rockstars? or other singers for that matter?
do you like music inspired photography?
love to hear your thoughts!
all pictures from the facebook fan page! check it out!

xoxo everyone!
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