merry Christmas!

and a wonderful new year!
happy holidays everyone!
hope you're all having the best time!
and as we say in greece:
i hope we celebrate with health next year as well!
eat tons of holiday goodies! watch old favorite movies!
sing along to carols!
bake with the little kids...there's nothing more beautiful than making a little one smile!
go out with friends and family to pretty, cozy coffee places...or festive bars and laugh your time away!
spread the love!
mickey mouse follies (great blog!)
...and a happy new year everyone!

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old-new inspiration.

hey everyone!
happy holidays!
and now that they are finally, and officially here...and we are all looking for some good inspiration fashionwise...
so i thought i might share you my top most favorite style icons!
so here goes...in no particular order...
a petite girl that went down to history by weaving an entire fashion trend and look, with herself! not only that but she was completely different from all former style icons...she was thin, with huge beautiful eyes and proportions that were wayyy different from what the world was used too! and having proportions much like hers you can see why i love that she made them something more than "acceptable"!
oh la la!brigitte bardot!
a juicy french girl that managed to launch an admirable career in singing and acting even though the european cinema scene was a bit declining at that time. "moi je joue" (meaning "i play") a song she is also remembered for was used for promoting the "miss dior" parfume! until today she is an animal rights activist and still remains beautiful and stylish!
a well cultivated woman remembered for many performances such as in "my fair lady" and "breakfast at tiffany's". she was a goodwill ambassador and worked with unicef to help third world countries and unfortunate children. she has also come down to history for her amazing and quite minimal style, which i very much adore myself!
and of course....merilyn!
the sexiest curbasious blond ever to have walked upon earth!
she died young but she has become an unforgettable figure also because of her lively spirit and sexy style. not a few times have i watched movies she had played in with a smile on my face and a great big pillow to hug while a fluffy couch! and i love the "diamonds are a girl's best friend" scene!

so these are my top favorite style icons...women i admire not only for their looks and fashion but for their achievements, dreams and ambitions!
what are your style icons? do you have any?
which women do you admire?

pictures from net-a-porter, asos, forever21.
scetches: my own :)

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merry cities!

hello everyone!
happy week! hope you all had a lovely weekend!
as Christmas is approaching and therefore decorated homes and cities, long walks in the cold weather, warm afternoons in little bistrot cafes and as well...
i thought of monuments...
there are some monuments in some cities that match this season perfectly...
so what better than to take a stroll in your warmest outfit, with your friends, in the city and admire them between the glistening christmas lights...and if you're lucky enough through little snowflakes!
here are some of my favorite christmas-y monuments!
paris... le tour eiffel!
perfect for a more romantic look with a hint of festive color to match the glamour of the city of lights.
london and the big ben!
i'm thinking raincoats, period dramas (oh sweet period dramas...), sherlock holmes and lots of historic buildings to admire...ahh..
athens...the acropolis!
you can trust me on this one....the acropolis,lit and under the dark athenian winter night is a spectacle one can scarcely forget!
as for the city i live in...the mideval castle that also rests upon the city's highest hill is beautifully romantic as well...and the classic, lined, geometric outfit matches it as perfectly.

what do you like about your city in Christmas?
do you like walking in the decorated city centers in spite of the cold?
i'd love to hear how you spend your holiday afternoons!
clothes from net-a-porter, asos and american eagle!

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henri, henri

hello everyone!
hope your week is working out wonderfully!
now that Christmas is approaching, and i'm getting the holiday mood...
i thought i might make a post on a beloved artist that for some pequliar reason always pops
in mind when holidays approach.
i'm speaking of french painter, henri de toulouse lautrec.
the man that brought art out of the museum and into the streets where the real life takes place!
his paintings vivid and alive, give you the aura of life back then...
and to my opininon in quite a romantic way.
here are some of my favorite works!
moulin rouge
a place that played a huge part in paris' nightlife at that period of time especially, provoking people and life as  the parisians knew it, in every way.
le divan japonais
club at paris defined by the intruige of the now experimented japanese style. portrayed, jane avril and eduoard dujardain, known critic.
jane avril
one of the artist's friends. she's been protrayed in numerous works. she was a well - known, red-head, cabaret dancer who often danced at moulin rouge.

what do you think? do you like these works of his?
which s your favorite artist?
do the holidays remind you of anyone in specific?

happy weekend lovelies
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