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hope you're all well!
 i finally sent out the competition files and
moved my thesis much further (it was long due) and after some hours of sleep
i thought i might keep my promise!
so here is what i picked up from the fashion pulse in madrid:
lovely ladies walked around in lace and flower prints,
color was always there and so were wedges and dainty leather sandals!
i really loved the long skirts trend, i even sported it myself!
(photo by vicky)
(picture by me)
and i couldn't resist the 70's pants with a floral top either!
however i ended up shopping...
a classic woven bag, a polka dot spanish scarf
a flower hairclip, a peineta hair comb from a shop that works since the 1800's!
and of course a traditional spanish fan!

what do you think?
are there any countries styles you prefer or get inspired by?



A Heel in Mint said...

Beautiful pieces. Love the floral ones mixed with whites.

Heel in Mint

Wizy Wiz said...

Great pics sweety!!I love love your shoes they are sooo cute!!I also love floral prints :D <3


Tiffany said...

thank you :-*