silk in teal.

happy week everyone!
i thought i might share my latest diy project with you guys!
all it took was some thick wire, long, half a cm wide straps of teal silk and earrings...
total cost...not even worth mentioning!
p.s. the green book is my french grammar notebook! (yes i was bored)
i took the silk straps and wrapped them around the wire and tied a pretty knot at the end. then on the other end i attatched the earrings and ...

what do you think? do you like them?
hope i inspired you!

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for the love of a floor!

happy week every one!
when old buildings come to meet modern, conteporary design the results can be dreamy!
i love old buildings, it's always been a dream of mine to purchase one and renovate it...
i was going through BHMAdeco, a design magazine and came across this amazing renovation of a neoclassical building in the center of athens.
check it out!
well, i love everything about this space that was designed by penny loukakou and tzina sotiropoulou, team members of the Architectones02.
but it reminded me of one thing i really love about these old buildings.
their tiling.
they are a perfect excuse to use the all time classic and somewhat cheesy phrase 
"they don't make them like this anymore"!
i love how their colorful complicated designs match with a more minimal aesthetic in todays homes.
it's like having a work of art on your floor.
i read  once in one of diane iron's book of beauty secrets that style is the ability to take something and use it in a way noone else would.
well, i realise this is just tiling, but since back then, during the neoclassical movement, flooring was meant to make a statement, it was meant to be artistic which come to opposition with today.
so the style of homes like these is also in the fact that they literally have art on their floors!
 what do you think? do you like having artistic flooring?
do you like old buildings? what kind of house is your dream house?

xoxo lovelies!
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chic economy.

hey everyone!
how were your holidays?
hope you all had a great time!
well, now i'm up to my nose in work and the post i was planning to make will just come out a bit shorter! but hey...wish us luck because i'm working on a competition with my girlfriends and the submission date is on staturday!
every time i think of it i get the goosebumps...lots of work to get done
we just can't wait till it's all done!
well during the holidays i decided to save some money for these shoes i want ...
that i'll buy during january's sales period.
that got me thinking of ways to save up some money without compromising your style of course!
and here are some things i do :)
1. use your coupons at the supermarket, and look out for special offerings on your favourite products!
2. buy some beauty products at the supermarket instead of a makeup store, like nailpolish, qutips etc. they're usually cheeper and their quality is just as good.
3.buy in bulk. price gets a little lower and product lasts longer! i do that with my soaps and cleaning materials.
4.go digging in your closets...and even better in your mum's or granny's, for some forgotten vintage goodies!
i discovered some goodies this holiday seeason....i'm still rubbing my palms!
5. you'll also find things you don't need or want anymore, in wich case you can gather them up once and for all and give them to someone who may need them!
6. mend, shorten, repair, add frills, laces, change buttons to any goods you found in the previous actions! i love re-using things!
7. plant herbs and place theme near windows and on balconies, so you'll have fresh ones every time you cook!
8. and your pretty balcony will smell amazingly and look even more stylish!

hope you enjoyed my tips and illustrations!

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