mission: party&hangover

we finally presented our research thesis and are waiting for the results!
so after all these months of really hard work and presentation stress,
we finally had our party!

and we had a great time!
here's what it looked like...just as i promised!
i was really relaxed and happy...wearing my "instant architect - le corbusier" glasses!

faces from right: vanessa, our friend athina and me
this is our beloved nass wearing my handmade le corbusier bow tie :)
this is what it looked like when people started flowing in...
and this is vicky! (my fantastic partner)

as you can all see,
my glasses were quite a hit!
now we are all attending the "national hangover after the exams period, week"!
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

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hey everyone!
i'm so sorry i haven't posted in so long!
as some of you may remember, i was working on my thesis with vicky...
well, tomorrow is our final rehearsal because we're presenting it on thursday!
we're up to our nose in work and you know all the jitterish feelings you get before something important!
our reaserch-thesis is on nature in architecture as we see it from the japanese point of view.
we finally finished our presentation powerpoint-wise....
oh dears! wish us luck!
here's something cute and funny for you to smile at :) (posted at thechive)
i am also happy to inform you that, although we didn't manage to have our black&white party
as planned in january due to our work load...
we will be hosting it on friday! a day after our presentations!
i will definitely post pictures so stay tuned!

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junya ishigami

hey everyone!
happy febuary!
you know how i love all things unique and queer....well...
japanese architect junyia ishigami dressed up his "family" chairs (below) for an installation...how?

he dressed them up for winter at the installation "Picnic" with knitted little chair clothes!

this man is one of the architects i keep a constant eye on.
i love his work, it is the cream of the cream of modern interpretation of japanese aesthetics and theory.
his architecture is a unique game with boundaries and dematerialisation...and an ode to nature.

what do you think?
hope you enjoyed!
p.s. vicky and i are working on our thesis and are due to present it on the 17th!
wish us luck! ;)

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