spring mood!

hello everyone!
i found some more free time during these past two weeks so i made a mini
spring collection of accessories!
i present to you the photoshoot!

vanessa: white thread hoops
me: copper earrings, hand - stamped and double grecian hair ribbon

clutch bag from a vintage, light green, patterned fabric, pleated. rings made with cernit.

bangles and rings with cernit, cilicone "whipped cream" ring.

light blue lace

hope you liked my new experiments! have a lovely weekend and i can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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spring travel.

lately in greece the weather's been nice and sweet.
it feels a lot more like spring, which is the season us architecture students start planning
our "once a year" trip.
this years program was difficult for some of us to follow,
so a couple of friends and i are chanelling madrid and the nearby toledo. let's hope all goes well!
and of course here's a collage on travel wear in sync with españa...

spain is the country of  juan miró, spanish,surrealist sculptor and painter of the subconcious and the re-creation of the childlike.

in the queen sofia museum in madrid we'll be able to also see some photos of the greek-american
photographer, christopher makos who is also famous for taking pictures of Lady Warhol,
warhol's female alter ego.

toledo was a city dominikos theotokopoulos (el greco) lived in and was greatly inspired by.
i love this mans works so much, he had a technique of drawing with both physical eyes and his soul's. his works seem to portray powers in people and nature that aren't quite visible.

so that's my news so far this week!
do you like these artists? i love seeing great pieces like these in person, sometimes you understand
what you may have read about the artist much more clearly when you get to see the
lines, the shades, what it looks like in real life lighting...
which artists would you love to see, or have seen up close?

xoxo everyone!
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hello dears!
how was your weekend?
mine was a bit odd, but relaxing, and that's why i enjoyed it.
finding some relaxation in your everyday life is crucial, the key to feeling happier!
anyway, during the past few days it was chilly but wonderfully sunny here in patras,
it felt like early spring! yay!
of course, sunday today and greyish clouds showed up again. but that happy feeling the sun gives you still lasts, like the happy feeling you get from yellow!
so i made you this collage of my favorite, seasonal, yellow associated peices...enjoy!
and here is a recipe of some yummy cookies i made this past friday, it's my twist of a recipe i found on the martha stewart website.
they turned out pretty tasty so feel free to try them out!
note: the 20min is the maximum time.
hope you all have a perfect start for your week!
and don't forget to tell me what you think about yellow!
do you like these peices? will you dare it? are you obsessed with any other color for this spring?

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spring attack!

hope your week started wonderfully!
after the party i've been doing everything i didn't have enough time to do before...
i sleep, go outside, drink coffee while listening to music (and not in front of my laptop screen),
and of course make cute things!
things i want to share with you!
so, since i'm such an impatient human being, i'm happy to inform you
that i just can't wait for spring, sun, warm weather...and i decided to bring it in my
wardrobe a little earlier!
here's the first thing i made
a bow tie necklace!
with cotton and silk fabric pieces and eco thread out of some kind of grass.

i thought of pairing it with other similarily colored bangles...like in the picture with some white-black
and brown-black i made out of sewing thread!
spring is the season of life and nature so i love wearing things that are either made of simple and/or natural materials
and in colors that remind me of the beach, flowers, grass, the sun...

what do you think? love to hear what you like to wear in spring!

contact me: tiffanyscorner@gmail.com
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