architecture alert! - interiors

hello everyone!
i'm back from athens and got loads of work again...but i can't help but sharing this amazing
work of architecture with you! this time it's focused on an interior because i'd promised so to
a fellow blogger.
personally, as an architecture student, unique spaces and use of materials
are aspects of a building that immediately hold my attention.
this house by japanese architect hiroaki ohtani, in kobe, japan is a great example.
it is what we call a "sandwitch house", meaning a house built on a very narrow
site, quite a common thing in condensed japanese cities. as you will see in the pictures,
the house is mainly made of narrow, "naked" beton (concrete) pieces stacked upon one another.
between those are placed steps that lead to higher levels of his home,shelves, counters... saving much space and making great use of the beton slices.
the latter also work as  a magnificent light filter, when natural sunlight passes through them
the atmosphere in the house is magnificent. but how else could it be
since we are speaking of japanese architecture?!

so what do you think? do you like different versions of  apartment living or are you
more traditional?


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rainbow lace

hello! i'm back from my easter vacation and greek food consumption get together's!
did you have fun? how were your holidays?
here in greece holidays like this one are accompanied by many things to attend to
which means emptying your closet all over your floor and furniture
in order to synthesize fantastic outfits, because of course...going out is never just going out!
in the midst of preparing outfits and looking for anything missing
i came across colorful lace again
and i thought i might share some pieces i loved and wonder what your opinion is
on this rainbow matter!
so here goes!
 i couldn't not add black!
and now seriously...i like how this lace issue reminds me of old movies and vintage looks.
it's a romantic remembrance of the past in a new, more contemporary way and forms!

and now i have to run and finish a translation immediately, because it's due tonight!
can't wait to hear your thoughts on this!

lovely pics from net-a-porter
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touch up!

hello lovelies!
it is now thursday and tomorrow is a grand celebration in greece.
i won't be blogging for a couple days in order to spend as much time with my
family as possible!
here's what i'll be doing!
dying eggs for easter day...
buying my candle...
baking strawberry shortcake! and as a true greek eating my ...ehem bottom off!
lovely pic and recipe here! on "my cake room".
and hopefully finish illustrating two children's stories i've been working on for way too long!
while watching "lawrence of arabia" for the millionth time.
if you haven't seen it i highly reccomend it (but then again i'm a sucker for historical and biographical movies!)

also, before i go on my short vacations i'd like to thank bria lear of "luxe life love" for giving me the "versatile blogger" award!
here are seven little things about me that you might enjoy. viva quirks i say!
and i pass this lovely award to seven newly discovered blogs as they will have to do 
when they recieve this :) in no particular order, i loved them all the same!

wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!
see you all very very very soon again!

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now that easter vacations are here and i have a bit more free time
i'm going to be pooooostingg!
now that weather's nice and travelling seems like a great idea..
here is a tribute to island and coast hopping around the mediterranean!
here's my inspiration...
"roman holiday"
brigitte bardot
sophia loren
"la dolce vita"
and a more economic version...
what do you think lovelies?
let's discuss!
where do you like spending your vacations? do you like the sea?
what do you prefer wearing then?

p.s. sorry for the inconvinience but there seems to be confusion as to where the comment button is.it is directly under the title of each post! thanks! :)

photos from net-a-porter,asos,zara,mango and topshop.
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architecture alert!

hello lovelies!
how's your week working out? today in greece it's wonderfully sunny!
as i promised....here's my architecture alert!
juvet landscape hotel in norway by architects jensen & skodvin arkitektkontor.
the interesting thing about this hotel is its relationship with the nearby environment.
for the past few years there has been a "boom" in the eco-architecture department, dividing
the community into groups that have a slightly different image and meaning for that little word "eco".
personally, i have come to agree with the group that considers as 
ecological not necessarily a building- "machine".
while a construction's (energetic) impact is crutial, it is still a construction,
which means a built thing placed in a certain environment by human hand.
therefore, i consider more ecological a building like this hotel, that cares for its materials,
the habitat that is engulfed in and what will happen to it after the building has finished it's lifecycle.
to become more specific...let the images speek!
since this hotel is in norway, having it built by local materials such as wood was a much less energy consuming action.
also, the rooms are placed on platforms that when the hotel is taken apart will leave the environment free and untouched.
the rooms are placed in the woods as if they were part of the forest itself and in such a way that the privacy of each one is non-negotiable.
here is a plan of one of their awesome rooms, all with a view of the forest. anyone that stays there is encouraged to get in touch with the local people and their habits, especially the farming ones.
the hotel's lobby and other communal spaces are placed in a nearby old, renovated building performing a certain architectural recycling.
other than the fact that this body of hotel spaces is utterly beautiful, in a magical scenery
it works as an ecosystem itself and with it's nearby environment...
that is, for me, what ecological architecture should be about!

what do you think lovelies? isn't it a fantastic hotel? would you like staying in such a close contact with nature or are you a die-hard city slicker?

all pictures found on archdaily.com! click on for more details!
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unique picturing

how was your weekend?
hope it was lovely!
here is a wonderful, colorful and unique fashion photoshoot for this month's "woman's enigma"
magazine i came across yesterday during breakfast.
first editorial

and the second one

well kisses to everyone!
stay tuned because next post is an architecture touch-up!

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rouge passion!

i'm finally back! and with a whole new quirk...red!
when you've loads of work and the weather outside is so wonderfully bright
and full of spring fragrances, that outdoorsy-nice weather activities thrill gets
you even more, don't you all agree?
anyway, i've been adding red into my wardrobe lately and simply can't control it!
here's a tase of some things i've been drooling over!
isabel marant
deborah marquit
asos toy watch
marc jacobs
nars for asos
alexandre briman

now thanks to greek easter vacations i'll be able to enjoy some more free spring time
some lovely greek sun and time with my family!
hope you all have a wonderful time
and please tell me did you like these lovely things?
is there any color you're loving lately?

pictures all from my favorites asos and net-a-porter

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