architecture alert & speculation

having made this blog in order to share with others, aspects and things of this world that i found interesting, beautiful, smart...and so on. like a break from the hard reality we all are completely aware of.
i can tell you this:
what you have been watching on your screens these past days is not what greece is only about
and things are not always, nessaserily as the media present them.
i felt the need to show you another face of citizens, starting with people of my field.
here is a short presentation of only some magnificent people, that led and lead greek architecture to new levels ...people with visons and dreams
mr. alexandros tompazis (κ. αλέξανδρος τομπάζης)
a great, living, architect that spread his knowledge outside the borders of greece.
he specializes in  low energy, and bioclimatic architectural design, has designed over 250 structures and has such a passion for architecture and love for spreading his knowledge to younger architects.
one of his buildings is the one you see above, in fatima, portugal the new church of the most holy Trinity (2007), one of the largest churches in the world. the building, escaping the "copy-paste" of traditional forms, is most clearly a space dedicated to religion, where the soul may feel close to its maker.

mr. takis zenetos (κ. τάκης ζενέτος)
this man was an architectural "psychic", by far ahead of his time. he dreamt of cities expanding in the air and what he called "ηλεκτρονική πολεοδομία"/ "electronic urban planning".
the round building you see above is the school in st. demetrios (1972-74) where he designed a space that would be able to accomodate, what he beleived would be the changes in the educational system with the introduction of new technologies such as computers in the classroom and the internet.

mr. dimitris pikionis (κ. δημήτρης πικιώνης)
he is the one who designed the pedestrian and archaeological paths around acropolis hill, where he integrated entire parts of the actual ancient path. you can see a part above.
he had a high sense of tradition and designed his buildings in utter respect to the greek landscape
which he hymned throughout his entire career. characteristic example is his scetch above.

mr. nikolaos valsamakis (κ. νικόλαος βαλσαμάκης)
he has altered the architectural horizon of greece greatly.
one of his most famous works is the house in anavyssos, the lower image of the two above.
it is magnificent how he frames the landscape with his sharp lines and how the exterior integrates itself  completely with the interior. unfortunately today the building is quite altered.
his words:
«δεν πρέπει να παρασυρόμαστε από το ωραίο σχέδιο, τα ωραία προοπτικά, τα διάσημα ονόματα και τις εντυπωσιακές φωτογραφίες. το αρχιτεκτονικό έργο πρέπει να διαθέτει αρμονία και ομορφιά και συγχρόνως να ικανοποιεί τις απαιτήσεις του χρήστη του»

"we should not be intimidated by pretty designs, the nice perspective sketches, the famous names and the impressive photographs. the architectural work must have harmony and beauty and at the same time meet the needs of its user"

i hope for the best,
for our future and our dreams.
i hope that we will keep on dreaming, no matter the difficulties and
still envision and work for a better world as people like the ones above did (and do).


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bright blocks!

hello everyone!
hope you all had a lovely weekend.
these past few weeks we've been painting our home here in greece,
and along with the appropriate work for my thesis, and a massive panic attack i had today
(since i had the very "smart" idea to also make a little research for "what happens after my thesis")
i decided to leave everything behind me, take a deep breath and think of summer.
of course,
i took a lot of steam of a new necklace that i'll be showing you shortly :P
but anyway,
here's some colorblocking from my friends and me along with some really bright
things to make your day! because nothing is more fun than colors...ask any little kid!
watermelon blouse sewn by mum and yellow cotton belt by me
anatomicals shampoo, asos
villy's hot pink, ethnic dress
nars polish
vicky's bright ensemble
rupert sanderson,
because i still love my something noir!

here's a greek song i really love, by zac stephanou, about the city of colors!

do you like wearing bright colors? mixing and matching them?

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there's something about summer...

...that just makes you want to daydream...
samos, vathi (σάμος, βαθύ)
samos (σάμος)
mojito, madrid!
colorful postcards (σάμος)
botanical gardens, madrid


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architecture alert! - australia

here's my treet for the 1st day of summer!

architect: the italian renato d'ettore
place: hamilton island, australia
sole demand of owner: three bedrooms

the architect manages to create an amazing building in perfect harmony with the
surrounding environment and the magnificent blue horizon.
having knowledge of his client's love for water, he integrates it throughout the building
in the form of pools as you will see in the pictures below.
i found this house in "casa viva", a great architectural and design mag here in greece!

for the walls he uses concrete in a way that gives a soft look that resembles wood. 
this material matches the rocks of the site and yet connects wonderfully with 
the soft aura of the monolithic wooden table of the kitchen-dinig room.
these sort of games with textures and materials are quite the thing!
with the special lighting during night time the building completely integrates with the surrounding ocean view.
what do you think of this magnificent piece of architecture?
are there any natural sources you'd like to integrate in your dream home?


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new in the handmade department!

good evening,
while weather in greece still isn't working with us...
midst work and life i had some ideas for a more summery collection
of handmade goodies!
so here's what i've been up to:
making my beloved miniatures , beach rocks and thread into accessories!
cupcake necklace.
cupcake left to dry.
and then turned into a pair of earrings
cake on a blue napkin ring
vintage style friendship bracelet with metallic clip
friendship bracelet with metallic details.

rock ring (the building in the font...i'll be posting about that!)

what do you think?
do you like my new constructions?

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summer proposals!

hello there!
well, i will be working on my thesis all summer long,
but i still plan on getting the best out of it! i'll be going to this wonderful little island
on july and kalamata with my friend in august, mostly to work but still...yay!
and since i'm already on beach and greek summer mode...
you know, big straw hats, flip flops and wedges,
sunblock, stylish shades and ...well...great books!
here are the books i'm planning to either finish or read this summer!
i highly reccomend them to anyone that likes reading different kinds of books.
"a mid summer nights' dream", by william shakespeare,
not that anyone might not know, but this is a play script, it's placed in ancient greece
and the story is a very odd chain of events and misunderstandings that all lead to love... eventually!
"the greek landscape" in english, this is a combined work of descriptions of greek nature throughout its history, as boring as it may sound,
whoever loves nature and/or greece, will love this and it most certainly assist me architecturewise!
"greece on my wheels" by edward enfield,
i've heard great critics about this book, it's available on amazon too.
the writer describes a bike trip through greece. very alternative and for some reason
it sounds quite romantic!
"the time of vergina" in english, by manolis andronikos, the man that discovered the ancient burials of vergina. in this book the whole story of research and excavation, and all its adventures is narrated by the archaeologist himself!
and since i have you all lusting over mediterranean sun...
i might as well give you a tasty and refreshing salad dressing recipe:

1 cucumber
a bunch of lettuce leaves
1 pepper (green or other color)
1 tomatoe
for dressing:
1 tsp. mild mustard
1 1/2 tbsp. white vinegar (it has a softer smell)
salt and a pinch of pepper
2 tbsps. olive oil
the trick is that after you cut the cucumber and pepper, you beat the dressing
materials all together and pour them over them. this way, until you clean and cut
the tomatoe and lettuce leaves the first two marinate in the sauce and are even yummier!

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based on...editorial

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hope you're all well!
 i finally sent out the competition files and
moved my thesis much further (it was long due) and after some hours of sleep
i thought i might keep my promise!
so here is what i picked up from the fashion pulse in madrid:
lovely ladies walked around in lace and flower prints,
color was always there and so were wedges and dainty leather sandals!
i really loved the long skirts trend, i even sported it myself!
(photo by vicky)
(picture by me)
and i couldn't resist the 70's pants with a floral top either!
however i ended up shopping...
a classic woven bag, a polka dot spanish scarf
a flower hairclip, a peineta hair comb from a shop that works since the 1800's!
and of course a traditional spanish fan!

what do you think?
are there any countries styles you prefer or get inspired by?

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mid week crisis

vicky and i jumped right into work again, we've got a project due on sunday...
so before i do that spanish inspired fashion editorial i promised i'll just keep you company with a cute small little post!
so today...
i just received a wonderful bookmark from wallace chapman of street and city photos
thanks so much! :-*
and now that i sat in front of my laptop to start working again, i needed a little snack
oh! and passing by zara on my way to tag cafe, where we work on the project i got this 
super cute tee that i wore today with my sisley slim pants

and my favorite coral bracelet that i have from my mum...

so now i'll go start my french songs playlist and hurry back to presentation!

xoxo everyone!
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