art in accessorizing

there is a young greek artist whom i admire very much ever since i
first came across his work,
alexandros vasmoulakis

his work consists of workshop painting, digital illustration and street art that you can bump into easily while strolling around athens as well .
he has a very unique style.
he paints mostly people figures, their faces are fragments of other faces...
in other words he decomposes images in order to create a new one. their expression 
is always mysterious and vague, you can't be sure if they're happy or sad or...anything else
personally i love how he uses color, midst black and white shades or dabs of brighter colors
among greyer shades.

i got inspired by these murals and made a necklace...
using three colors of thread, white waxed thread and satin lace, fresh water and round pearls from older accessories
i combined all these by weaving and sewing them together...

what do you think?
do you like statement necklaces?

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tiny island - great beauty

i'm finally back from aegina and now working full time on my thesis.
at this point i'd like to thank wizy wiz of "fashion treats" for her great advice
on where to go, what to eat and so on. an insider's advice is always the best!
so before i post all that advice, pictures, tips and reviews here's a small taste
of this beautiful, small island near athens!
the very first pic i took after getting off the ferry.
local delicatessens
where i stayed
markelos' tower, fron the 1800's, right in the middle of the city.

inside the folk museum
more coming up soon...
yummy treats, well perserved temples and ancient cities and a walk through the city!

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for the sweet tooth...

hello everyone,
i'll be leaving on sunday for athens and on monday for aegina
and i'll be gone for a week...
so i wanted to leave you with something sweet.
every year i try to post about a local, traditional factory...this one is in patras
and it's sweeet!
the family skiadaresis (σκιαδαρέσης) started their buisness in 1946
when they made the traditional sweet of patras...the loukoumi.
loukoumi is a gelly-like peice of candy that you can find with almonds or not.
there are many flavors. the more traditional ones are:
pink rose,
masticha and
pistachios. (the two first are my personal favorites)
today they make them in other flavors as well...licorice, honey, orange...
in the summer i like eating them out of the fridge with a glass of ice-cold water....priceless!
skiadaresis also makes pastelia (bars of caramelised nuts)
the traditional candies to kiss (they call them that because they make your breath fresh in order for you to enjoy a good smootch!
and i can't forget the drops of chocolate covered orange peels...

there are many shops all over patras,
lollipops sitting over loukoumia and baklava (μπακλαβά)
jelly rolls...they're so yum i had to take some for the go!
i'd advise you to go to the factory in eglykada (εγλυκάδα) where they also have a shop and you can taste 
the goodies right at the source!

have a wonderful week, i'll be seeing you soon!
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summer lovin and heat procrastination

hello everyone!
it's been days since i last posted, vicky and i had overtime on our thesis
but since the heat is now sky high and
i thought i'd take a small break... here's what my summer's like in greece so far!
with temperature reaching 38-40 degrees celsius ... you develop a unique sense of love for fruit shops!
and cherries!

turquoise, egyptian beads on my copy of "magnus eroticus" - manos chajidakis ("ο μεγάλος ερωτικός" - μάνος χατζιδάκις) ...perfect for a calm summer morning

"απ' όλα τ' άστρα τ' ουρανού ένα είναι που σου μοιάζει
ένα που βγαίνει το πουρνό όταν γλυκοχαράζει"
"of all the stars in the sky, only one looks like you
the one that comes out in the morning when the sweet sun rises"

refreshing drinks with a friend at a local cafe's veranda...
our tiny (1:4000), silver model
my spanish hand woven beach bag and me...(because we love everything handmade!)
which bag, by the way, is really useful (not only for the beach ), i recommend them!

and now i have to go get ready to meet up with neighboors because there's a huge concert a few blocks from my place!

xoxo everyone, i'll be catching up again sooner!
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diy - the "T" shirt!

good morning and happy week!
i have prepared a summery post for you today,
i made a diy diagram of my red t-shirt, the one my mum made for me!
so here goes!
what you'll need:

  • a measuring tape
  • light fabric (eg. cotton)
  • sewing pins
  • scissors
  • thread

measure the length you want for your shirt from the shoulder to the bottom,
from the armpit to the bottom
from shoulder to shoulder and your chest.
finally measure how long you want your sleeve to be.
on a large newspaper leaf, note down the dimensions you took from above centered with the middle of the leaf as above and connect the dots with straight lines!

fold the newspaper in half, make sure your lines are straight and cut. this way your shape will be symmetrical.
note: the outer line is about 2 or 3 cm afar from your actual dimensions in order to have space to sew.
reverse your fabric and fold in half. pin your newspaper directly to the fold and cut.

xoxo lovelies!
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