picture perfect!

happy week everyone!

"art is anything we get away with."
   andy warhol

mine started out kinda funny...so i lost myself into some diy that i thought i might share with you!
this time it's all about pictures! i got the "pasting letters on walls" idea while procrastinating on the internet, and thought i might make my version of it!
so, pick some really old mags,
you know, the one's we all have lying around completely forgotten...
choose a quote you love, or like in my case one that makes you smile, pages you like and...
then take your letters and put them in the correct order
and then put them on the wall you chose!

voilá! my fabulous wall!
and here's another idea...
we all have certain favorite pictures, postcards, stickers and little things.
personally, i save all those in my picture box, but anyway,
if you have a nice long shelf, and want something different than just more frames for your pics...
you can take a long peice of cardboard and make a collage of all those little favorites.
a tip from me is, try as much as you can to color coordinate them, because then
the whole synthesis gets a lovely romantic effect.
start with the larger things and paste the smaller ones on "naked" spots.
here's what mine looks like!
of course you see it here next to a pinned model and some other stuff...but hey...
i love overloading my shelves!

xoxo lovelies!
and don't forget re-using never goes out of style!

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(how to) deal with it!

this is the second week of a magor heat wave in greece...
in fact i seriously fear that i might melt away one of these days...and there's not much
to melt being a fairly small human being!
anyway...i decided to cope with it like i used to when i was little
and with a lot of ice!
the "submarine" (υποβρύχιο) is a slightly forgotten, traditional sweet.
it's gewy, vanilla flavored, white cream that you lick off a spoon dipped in 
ice-cold water!
so i eat a lot of this...since i've been all nostalgic lately as well.
and then, living in a house where the floors are marble,
i have moved on it. literally. whenever i'm home i spend most of the day working on the floor.
so i've made sure to create a pretty little space, 
like how i used to play house!

and i've moved some stuff to keep me company there too...
and yes my stuffed bunny is dressed in a bikini...(i've made her outfits for every season)
unfortunately with the thesis and all, i get to go outside a lot...
so the only tip i have for then is stay under the shade, which has another plus...
it made my door picture look amazingly romantic!
of course...when the sun sets, and there's a hint of a breeze, i take my besties and head outside
to cute cafe's with tables outside and eat cakes! cafe's like this one!

how do you deal with heat waves? is the temperature ok around your area?
anyway...i'll stop procrastinating now and try to get some more work done.
hope you all have a great weekend!

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architecture - design - fashion

hey everyone!
i've been contemplating the triptych of architecture, design and fashion again...
i love finding examples of its existance!
here are some i found...
by mary katrantzou,
her clothes designs and the prints she chooses always remind me of rennaisance 
architectural designs of buildings or ancient roman columns.
i love the geometrical shapes game on this top
as well as its being combined with different textures.
this example is mostly design-fashion dilemma...but it also reminds me of
a very favorite architecture blog - archipunks that also contemplated athens throughout it's comics!
this vivienne westwood skirt, other than the fact that it's absolutely fantastic,
plays with lines and surfaces...i love how the design seemed to deconstruct as the model walked along...

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when i have to work for many hours on my computer i tend to get bored
with my music and look for other things to listen too or look at during breaks...
i fell for old cartoon clips...and since i loved that trip down memory lane...
i kept watching my favorite old characters.
naturally, i got inspired by my three beloved female characters:
by the way...
i can admit to taking this precise pose on people when i really want something
and yes...it works, well... most of the time! (batting eyelashes helps)
i loved olive because:
a. she reminded me of olive oil
b. so girly yet so butch at the same time...irresistible dynamism!
betty boop...i just loved how feminine she seemed. her attitude actually reminded me of marilyn monroe!
and here's what came out of my trip back in time...
i used fabric pieces, blue wire and beads and some white, thin rope...
who were your favorite cartoon ladies?
do you ever watch your old favs?
i love how they remind me of my childhood with daydreaming on the grass,
colorful popsicles, legos, bunnies...
always stay in touch with your inner child, it's the greatest treasure we have!

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more on aegina...

when you visit tiny islands as this
long walks along the narrow streets is something you shouldn't miss.
there is no better way to get in touch with a place's aura than walking inside its very heart.

you can see how locals blend in with tourists, curious faces looking about,
the tiniest little shops with the most amazing art crafts one can imagine.
in aegina i found antiques, traditional pottery methods turned into post-modern artifacts, handmade jewllery...
by walking around you can also find a mini market
whose owner collects currency from around the world and turns it into a collage

isn't this quite another way to look at money?
walking through the streets you can also bump into those old,
maybe even degrading buildings that give you such a sense of the place's history...

and really old coffee shops where grandpah's (παππούδες) sit around playing tavli (τάβλι) 
and talking politics, almost all day...
if you can understand greek, listening to them is priceless!
if you're an architecture (archaeology) freak...like me..
you have to go to afaia's temple and the site of kolona
afaia's temple was made for a nymph who, when finally having reached aegina fled to the woods and became impossible to find (άφαντη) ...all this while running away from a man...
ancient greek sites have a most unique attachment to nature...not something one should miss!
after all this...i enjoyed visiting a little village with the most historical name of marathonas (μαραθώνας) where tassos has a restaurant with home cooked food and home grown veggies!
not to mention that you get to eat while digging your toes into soft sand!
while you're there you have to go to the beaches too...

although it's awesome to climb the rocks and bathe further from others...
and just before you get back on the boat for home....
stop at "aiakeion" ("αιάκειον") for the yummiest bisquits ever!

this is how i enjoyed aegina.

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on the road again

i'll be gone for another few days
since i'm on the road again...this time to my friend vicky's
at kalamata.
thank heavens it's not just work!
i'll be back posting soon!
have fun!

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