cut it short!

before anything else, here is my news:
posters are done, powerpoint presentation almost done,
models finished and polished, stress is at a tolerable, maybe even healthy level...
but i think that will last until a day or two before the final presentation at either 3rd or 4th of november.
wish vicky and i luck you guys! we're finally finishing our thesis!

i have a diy treat for you this time!
very much to my convenience, mum was going through her closet again...
and i got to dig out some vintage goodies like this skirt below
only, it was too long. here's what to do!
and then...

finally, lightly sew the hem inwards.

and voilá! you can iron and proudly flaunt it.
i love giving life to old pieces. it's not only ecconomic and ecologic,
but romantic in a way. you revive something that used to belong to someone you love
or someone you admired.


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hello everyone!
it's been such a long time since i posted, i must apologize!
i missed you all!
so this post will be about where i've disappeared all this time and what i've been up to.
well, to begin with,
i've been trying to finish the last presentation details for our thesis with vicky
in order to see our professor someday soon. which means long studio hours...
but don't get me wrong,
we had our little moments of joy, like this one
when i tried the bow up-do from "a beautiful mess"
meet vanessa by the way (she had no idea i was posting)
along with those i had some accessories orders (yay)
wire and lace earrings

metallic bow rings
thank goodness the weather has been so much cooler because i had to walk to get to
our thesis meetings a lot. oh! and on my way, i got to see a real-life building section!
along with that,
now that i'm graduating i've started looking for masters and PhD's,
recently i decided a PhD is more my thing, it is closer to my dreams...
but anyway i am completely lost between searching and finding things,
insecurity of not knowing what will happen next and paperwork you know you'll need to do
and really soon...
but no idea how and when!
(by the way, any advice on continuing studies in the States is more than welcome!)
so i feel exactly like my t-shirt:
but i try hard not to panic...or have a nervous break down!
serious personal matters took up days and nights a week ago, but thankfully those are
close to being over.
so because of all this load, i neglected my blog :(
and you guys!
so i'll take this chance to thank "a heel in mint" for her lovely award! sorry it took me this long!
the rules are that you must say 7 random things about you and pass it on to 15 more lovely bloggers!
so..since i've already told you 4 random things right above,
here are 3 more:
-i am currently, so hyped, that i cannot spend a single minute not doing something
so when i was too tired to move, i watched documetaries and movies i had on my "to watch" list.
(that's how i learned "zeitgeist" is not something to watch before going to bed!)
-i love cooking and then bringing friends over and feeding them what i cooked...or baked
-i'm better at baking or anything that has to do with pastry!

i pass this lovely award to:
christina of lemoncake wardrobe, wizy wiz of fashion treats, blue moss, fashionable rose, pop champagnecatherine of cashmere lover, julien hakym of sonnets unrealities XI, chanel after coco, maddie of wardrobe recycle, a brit greek, the ladies over at 2stylemates, elaine of clothed much, molly of diary of a british girl,
lucy of lucy and the runaways and ioana of fashezine!

until next time...
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