flight survival guide

hey everyone
now that i'm packing and checking out what things will be shipped
and what i'll be carrying,
i thought it would be a good idea to share some of my "flight survival" tips!
flights and airports tend to be places where you're just so tired
and you have such a great need for comfort that style can easily be compromised.
so here are my tricks
firstly, pick your handbag.
then, you'll need some killer reading materlial to keep your mind awake...
i always travel in flats, so here are my ideas...

and some other little helpful things are these:
so my dear lovelies,
this is how i get stylishly organised for long trips!

if you have any other ones i'd love to hear them!

p.s. visit reach couture for an awesome giveaway!
salut! xoxo
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dazzling news!

hey everyone,
now that everything is settled and final, i have an announcement to make...
after mid january i will not be blogging from greece anymore.
this last pic was a special request from vanessa
now that i've finished university,
my family and i decided to move back to the states!
everything at home is kind of upside-down and boxes are everywhere.
i thought i'd make a seperate post to announce this, since it's more "special" news :)

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lace & zippers

it has been a while since i posted a diy...don't you think?
well, here's a bracelet for your arm party and some lacey goodness!
firstly, you'll need:
- needle and thread
-20cm (or more) metallic zipper at the color of your choice
-little metallic clip-buttons
i chose nude colors for mine
cut your zipper as close to the metallic part as possible and twist!
then you sew at least at the two ends in order to securely fasten your twist. just with a little knot.
and then you take the clips...
and voilá!
and here's how i revived some grandmothers' lace...
loop some satin ribbon, i used dark gray, through it's existing gaps.

enjoy! xoxo
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architecture alert! - gaming

finally, after so long, i now have some free time!
this is why i'll be sharing some thoughts i've had on architecture lately.
to be true, i'm working on this as a theoretical project, but since it's fun,
colorful and interestingly stylish, i thought it a good idea to share!
LocoRoco is a psp game designed by japanese tsutomu kouno, where you play with a little blob named locoroco that is destined to save its planet and inhabitants from the menacious moojah troop!
the planet, which is the role you play, leads locoroco around the different levels
in order to collect, interact and save miumiu's.
the interesting thing is how the planet is designed,
many different and bright colors, textures, surfaces with different "feels". soft, hard, scratchy, bouncy, heavy, invisible and so on.
wouldn't it be interesting if we found similar types of spaces outside the game world?
let's say...in our world?
to be true, this game's environment isn't that different than spaces we live in today. we can find multiple examples in art, architecture and other constructed environments. it's facsinating!
first example that popped in mind
ernesto neto's, soft space installations. they are strange, yet inviting and seem almost alien.  they can suck you in like the best pillow and you can bounce.
this installation was quite interesting as well. it seems like a quest to walk on these nets.
when a space demands your senses be hightened, like you're in survival mode just to get accross it i can't help but compare it to a video-game level.
the blob is not a form unknown to architecture either.
nor is the bubble. especially if we take a peep into the 60's and 70's architectural forms,
bubbles and blobs pop up quite frequently.
but it is not just the blob shape that gives that "video-game" feel,
it's also the fact that the aesthetic of the shape dissolves into the very concept of the building
or space, and into its plan. inside these spaces you feel a flowing energy, like you are a bubble yourself.
what can make them even more interesting is when the plan resembles labyrinths,
making it an "accomplishment" to even move around.
when nature, colors and messing around with the scale appear in design, spaces become
even more fantastic, unique and tempting to the eye and brain.
like the images above, design can turn a room, a museum garden, or part of a city center into a play area.

other than food for thought and further questioning,
this is why i love my job.
architecture and design give you tools to turn your world into your own play area, set your
imagination free and make you wonder what anything would look like if you did it this way or another, if it had this color or that...
and when you've designed and maybe even constructed it, you're free to "pass" all its levels!


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nirvana mode

hello again!
i am proud to announce that our thesis is well presented and hanging on campus until tomorrow.
since i've mentioned it so often here, i assumed you
would like some insight and backstage pictures!
our subject was a "research and archaeological center near the wetland of divari",
we tried to camouflage our proposal on the natural sight and treat it with a sensetive and "green" touch.
while the 3 professor committee was taking a break outside, our friends helped us hang our posters and carry our models to the presentation room assigned to us.
it was funny, our posters were taller than me!
we were still smiling then...until our nerves kicked in. and we got all serious...and professional!
and then when we were done...
we hung our masterpiece on a special area asigned for us and finally got something to eat and relaxed again!

and watch some friend's presentations too...

hope you enjoyed the article.
i'll go back to sleep now (lack of it put me in nirvana mode :P), but will be posting again soon!
oh and i thank our friend nass for the pics!

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