merry Christmas...

and happy holidays to everyone!
i wish love, hope to all of you...may you always dream like when we were little
and turn the world into the place we imagined it as children!

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backstage surprise!

as i promised....
our graduation!
this was while we were waiting for the dean. we were on stage and photographers were going mad! apparantly graduations are a bigger thing than i thought!
normally, we wear dark red robes, but this time we couldn't. so we graduated in our clothes. i wore my favorite little black dress (typical architect i know...)
you cross your fingers and the student with the highest grade reads the oath in ancient greek and then in new greek...and then the department's dean hands out the diplomas according to grade.
i finished fourth!
i was really happy for my mum, architecture was her dream job. i love making her happy.
georgia and i have been besties since 6th grade, nick and george are also friends from patras.
but here we are all together in all our glory!
the best part of everything was having all these people that we love and love us there...
there is nothing like sharing happy moments with others! i thank everyone for being there :*

so there i am...your brand new architect.

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cozy nights and imaginary worlds

as cliché as it may sound,
i always found Christmas to be the best time to read stories.
i am not quite sure what it was...
maybe the dim lighting and the christmas tree lights, the fireplace in my home here in Greece,
the warmth of my house during this season,
the Christmas-y smell from all the candles and spices...
but it always became a need of mine to reed something.
something in a far away world, or a far away time loaded with brave people and warm feelings...
here are my best pics (in no particular order)!
"one thousand and one nights"
it is a collection of stories from around the arabian world that go back many centuries.
it travels you to exotic places with unique traditions and combines love and hate in a most interesting and exciting way.
when i remember this book, i almost smell spices and flower petals in the air.

"little dorrit", by charles dickens
this is such a warm story...it combines love, exploitation, selflessness and self sacrifice...
it makes you wonder what the human heart is capable of. how much love and how much selfishness.
"lord of the rings" - all three books by j.r.r. tolkien
this is a good chance for adventure and fantasy, different worlds coming together or colliding
as well as great dipoles such as honesty and deciete, love and hate, brave and coward...
"princesses forgotten and unknown" - by philippe lechermeier and  rebecca dautremer
other than the fantastic illustrations
this book is great for those who like "different" and "unique" personalities,
these princesses are nothing near mainstream
and last but not least, probably the sweetest and wisest petit book:
"le petit prince" - by antoine de saint-exupéry
the most amazing life lessons given by the sweetest little prince!

p.s. i didn't forget the graduation pics but they're not quite ready yet ;)

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hey everyone!
i'm proud to announce that tomorrow, as in thursday, i'll be attending my graduation.
i will officially be an architect,
and hopefully after a year a graduate student.
of course i'll be posting pics of the ceremony, but i thought i might give you a peep of what i'm preparing for my friends.
i am organizing a finger food-dinner party, since i love feeding people (hey..i'm also greek)
to celebrate both the graduation and that i'm leaving in january. the theme will of course be Christmas!
i picked out my menu pretty fast and therefore my shopping list is ready to go!
i'll be cooking a variety of flavors from different parts of the world, like a food collage and accompany it all with good wine.and since i altready know my theme too...
i took out all my diy gear!
i'm going for red and white as my basics...
i couldn't leave out some cinnamon.
there's a bit of an "olden days Christmas" thing going on too.
and of course... candy! similarily colored
are you planning anything lately?
do you like playing host-ess? i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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