bags and prizes

before i say anything else i would love to thank my blogger friend catherine robinson of cashmere lover who nominated me for the liebster award.
this is an award for bloggers we love with less than 200 followers!
and since i was nominated i now in return must nominate five more of my blogger friends:
-simone of fashionable rose
-vanessa of loud&outrageous
-laura of the sweet calling of mountains and
although i haven't seen the number of followers...
-a brit greek

and now since i'd prepared this already...
a. nine west, leather shoulder bag with chain handles
b. stella mccartney cosmetics bag
c.lancome nude, shimmering eye shadow (always helps me look awake)
d.mac lipstick
e.sephora clear lipgloss tube (great for winter cold)
f. max factor double gloss
g. l'oréal true match compact powder, stendhal blush and a thin brush
h. my pencil case
i. little blue phone book
j. my "le petit prince" sketchbook" (i go nowhere without that either)
k. my keys
l. gold crayola pencil, permanent marker, pencil from madrid, brush, mini ruler
m. patterned tape (because it's so cute)
n. my laptop's charger
o. lg headphones

xoxo have a lovely week!


Fashionable Rose said...

thank you so so much for the nomination! is so sweet of you! love the photo with all the essentials! i have lots of things to that i can't' live without! especially a lipgloss!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Congrats on your award and passing the great award to us too!

I am truly flattered darl! Thank you!

I pretty much have the same items in my bag too, gotta have gum and tissues... bet your bags heavy too!


Tiffany said...

my pleasure you guys!
lipgloss is essential it can lift your look effortlessly! as for the weight..ehmmm i can confess sometimes it feels like it weighs more than me!

Catherine Robinson said...

Great photos, Tiffany...
Good luck with your projects!

Tiffany said...

thank you!

Tiffany said...

thank you!