à l’étranger

hello everyone and happy week!
i hope your weekend was lovely!
so, after i got my french degree, i decided to take it further and continue studying the language independantly, as well as start another one, español! 
i always wanted to learn spanish, and since i fell in love so much, with the country last may,
it was inevitable.
since i'm doing this independantly, here are some of my tips 
that, i find, make it easier to remember things and get aqquainted with the accent.

-you can find really nice programs online, that you can study individually,
as well as take exercises and test yourself whenever you have time.

-read blogs and magazines to get more comfortable with the every day language...
for instance, french...
i like reading blogs and my favorite french magazine is marie claire, because they have many interesting articles and you get an inside scoop on francais fashion and vocabulary!

- it is also really helful to listen to music in the language you're studying.
it is very good listening and vocabulary practice, 
and we all know how pleasant listening to music is!
like this lovely song...

- you can also try to get some lyrics on paper and see how many sentences you understand.
this is like a game - test.

- flash cards are very helpful for those who, like me, remember things better in pictures.
you can find flash cards in bookstores or online, but i like making mine, like the ones above.

- cook or bake something! 
adapting an activity of your language's culture can make you more motivated to study the language even more, and give you the pleasure of making something.
postcard found here
- last but not least, the greatest opportunity for practicing would be to travel.
visit the place you love and speak the language in museums, cafés, on the street, in the taxi.
you get to meet the city, its lifestyle and history as well as its language!



julien hakym said...

such a great effort!!

Tiffany said...

thank you!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Bonjour ma cherie!

I loved this post so much because I can totally relate! Learning Greek was the most difficult challenge ever since moving here a few yrs back... I can now read basic stuff, write, and speak semi fluently with loads of grammatical errors - but hey least i'm trying!
I watched countless cartoons when I first got here! Fashion Vocab is great in magazines though!
Good luck with espanol!

Tiffany said...

merci beaucoup ma cherie! greek is not one of the easiest languages! i suppose i was simply lucky to be bilingual, it made learning just a tad easier.

Hablemos Fashion said...

Hi! Great post, love your pictures..And like you I like to learn other languages. English is my second language, I speak Spanish and I wanted to learn Greek and Chinneses but I haven't been able to find a tutor. :(...But going back to your blog, it is really great...xoxo

Tiffany said...

i'm glad you liked it, I hope my tips will be helpful! Depending on where you live, it might not be that difficult to find a tutor for Greek. They're quite popular in nyc for example!

Megan Joy said...

Marie Claire is one of my favorite publications. I read the U.S. edition mainly. I have not been properly introduced to Marie Claire publications elsewhere. The U.S. version is globally oriented. It addresses many issues that may not have otherwise been addressed to a wide audience of people in the age bracket of the magazine's readership. I respect MC - well so far - for representing both sides of an issue. Even though like 99.99% of fashion magazines MC is liberal, I feel that a conservative like myself can relate to the content and that my views along with opposing views of a given topic are represented.