down with the basics.

so here's the thing.
illustration, painting, drawing all come down to color.
but what happens when you want to beat the level of just coloring?
you enter a world that has some basic terms but other than that leaves
you utterly free to experimentation.
here are some of the basics in forming colors:

there are more of course,
but from the rules, people go to here:

a style which, i personally think, cannot fit under just a historical category...
technique and color distinguished the images of people from those of holy persons whose bodies seemed to vaporize and have a light source of their own.
this series of paintings always mesmerizes me...
impressionistic style, captures the image of a place and object through 
its interaction with light.
the series above are from wall length paintings of his beloved water lily garden.
expressionist painter.
this is when paint and color come together in the hands of an artist in such a way that looking into the painting assuredly fills you with feeling. the one above is "eyes in the heat".

different material, different experimentation with color and shades,
can make such a difference, can give someone such power as to convey 
messages solely through an image.
messages, that many times can not be described with words. welcome to the dark side :P



just angelina said...

poso agapw monet de fadazesai!

ta xrwmata tha mathaina sti sxoli ta prwta eksamina kai pada mou arese to pws prosthetes ena xrwma gia na bgei ena allo. vasika, simplirwmatika, klp..


Tiffany said...

o monet itan pragmatika monadikos. o tropos pou epaize me to xroma kai to fos, oi pinakes tou itan mia idea antikeimenou.
se ti sxoli piges? kai emena panta me enthousiaze to na anamignio xromata!

Fashionable Rose said...

ekpliktiko to post sou! latrevo oti exei na kanei me xroma, tis anamiksis tous kai ti mporis na dimiourgiseis me auta! :)

Giovanna said...

Cute picks! Love the dress and bag!!