architecture alert! - urban dreams

hello lovelies...
this weeks architecture alert is another walk through new york city streets.
this time i'll take you from cooper union  to soho!
enjoy the walk!
the new building of the cooper union school,
by one of the morphosis architects. i think it makes a great contrast to its surroundings
and yet at the same time fits in wonderfully, as if it was meant to be there.
and i say this even though i have a tendancy towards simple forms and shapes when it comes to architecture.
there was a presentation that was taking place outdoors and we got to watch a little bit!
it felt like being back to school again...
well, i will be soon enough!
at this point we started heading towards the heart of soho,
where we came across this lovely courtyard...
soho for me is, a fantastic walk through the history of 20th century's architecture.
but the window shopping didn't hurt either!
friends thalia and eleni

and now that it's getting dark, and we're all tired and thirsty from all the walking...
lets have a sip!
thanks for walking with us lovelies!



Brooklyn Grace said...

cool post as always dear!!!!!

Tiffany said...

thank you so very much!

Fashionable Rose said...

euxaristoume gia ton peripato! itan apolafstikos :) xx

Tiffany said...

xairomai poli! :)

Catherine Robinson said...

Such a lovely post, Tiffany...I admire Maya Angelou greatly...The Collected Autobiographies of her work is a fabulous read ;-)
Have a great weekend.

Tiffany said...

I have a list of more books of hers I need to read. She was one of the sweetest people in my opinion, just looking at her photos gives a motherly vibe.

Beauty Follower said...

Καλο ΣΚ!