bring out your garlands!

happy wednesday everyone!
here's a sweet tutorial for all of you who like flowers.
you can use the tissue paper you might have saved from shopping sprees
and make a flower garland.
i hung mine from the ceiling to my curtain rod and back, right above my bed!

this is what your flowers will look like:
and because here at s/ch we like to recycle,
we can save the scraps from what we cut off of the tissue paper and...
after you cut it into tiny peices you can shape it into your own paper
by letting it sit in a tray with a mixture of water and atlacol!

tomorrow i'll be making easter sweets with my mum for this weekend!
i can't wait to take pics and share a recipe or two with you. but that will be after 
a few days in order to accompany them with some cute illustrations, because who loves plain?

xoxo lovelies!


Brooklyn Grace said...

I love your diY !!!!!!
i would like to feature you please!!
let me know

Tiffany said...

i would absolutely love that! thank you so much :)

Brooklyn Grace said...

Hello, there as you may know am featuring blogs so as to increase your views, have more comments ,followers and share what you like the most.Its my first time hope you have a look at it and maybe comment so as i can improve next time to feature other blogs as good as possible<

Pop Champagne said...

awww cute DIY :D

Jessica said...

this is so cute!! Followed ;)


A BRIT GREEK said...

Love this, I also made some pom poms via martha stewart - so easy and pretty!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter koukla!


Tiffany said...

awee the pom pons are adoreable! i'm glad you all enoyed!

Beauty Follower said...

Πολυ ομορφα τα πολυχρωμα αυγα!