introducing "kataifi"*

kataifi is a greek dessert  with angel hair pastry, almonds,
walnuts and cinnamon.
now, i didn't just name my shop that because it's delicious,
but also because that is what my friends used to call me because of my
curly, blonde hair!
in the shop i'll be selling my creations, that are really never repeated and always featured here,
using my favorite unique materials such as rope, cotton, fiber, wire, scraps...
and other things also promoting a more ecological ethic!
here are some of my goodies currently in the "kataifi":
statement necklaces
and children's accessories...
are only a few of the goodies i'll be putting up!

my button:

that is on your right hand, features a character illustration that i've been making since i was very little. it is kind of an illustration of me.

let me know what you think :)
p.s. i was just today, featured on blogger friend brooklyn grace's lovely blog:
6 pins in a shoe!
definitely pay a visit, you'll be sure to be inspired!



shoppingtherapy said...

hello!i am a new follower and i really love your blog!the name kataifi is such a delicious idea!you can follow me back if you like!

nina papakonstantinou said...

all of your designs are so unique, even the name of the shop!!! i'm so proud of you!!!good luck with everything matsssss

Tiffany said...

thank you guys so much! I'll be needing the luck too :)

Fashionable Rose said...

kali arxi so katastimataki sou! teleio to onoma so so cute :) xx
congrats kai gia to feature! xx

Tiffany said...

thank you! efxaristo para poli :)

Buzz said...

Sounds delicious! =)


Tiffany said...

indeed :)

Joanne said...

Looks awesome! I love how you format your font too :)



Tiffany said...

thank you! i like adding a little je ne sais quoi to my writing!

Christian//fashiongentrix.com said...

Such a great photography. Thank you for sharing.