one of the best things

happy week everyone!
how was your weekend? for those that celebrated easter, or pass over,
i hope you had fun!
at this point i would like to thank my blogger friend hua jing li of
fashionably philosofical for giving me the chance to guest blog on her lovely,
and absolutely stylish blog! you should all drop by and take a peep,
i especially enjoy her videos :)
being in the festive mode and surrounded by easter treats,
i thought i might make a tribute to one of the best things in the world...
our local markets are gold mines. find yours here
you can find tastey and healthy goods while assisting your local economy!
taste is a great gift.
trying new flavors, or enjoying old ones i beleive, is an experience each time.
good food can not only satisfy us and keep us healthy,
it can uplift our spirits. like a good cup of coffee for instance...during those long afternoons while catching up with friends, or sitting around reading.
have you noticed how, usually in small villages people treat food like a ritual?
their products go from production to cooking...how yum is that?

trying new flavors is so exciting and fun!
you get to know a lot about a place through its cuisine...do you have any favorite cuisines?
my next goal is to raise enough money to travel to italy,
to eat, sketch and photograph! until then i'll just stick to learning the language...
my point is that food is fun! it's colorful, smelly, and intruiging to the senses...
enjoy it!



Fashionable Rose said...

exeis apolito dikaio! to fagito einai mia toso idieteri esthisis einai ontos doro!
kai mena maresei na dokimazo nees gevsis idika otan episkeftomai nees xores kai proorismous!

Pop Champagne said...

oh this looks nice, I love fresh fruits and veggies :D

Tiffany said...

i'm glad you guys agree! we should enjoy life in general, but when we are blessed enoughto have access to good food we should enjoy every last bite, and savor every flavor!


ax photo apo tote pou ipiame kafe sto kolwnaki!wwwww <3