tuesday goody bag

by now, i suppose you've gotten used to my
weekly tuesday window shopping!
this time, i've got it italy - themed. i recently started italian lessons
in order to fulfill my new goal, travel to italy, preferably tuscany!
it's been a dream of mine since always, and especially after watching "under the tuscan sun".
although it's been a dream, it is also a tactic of mine to stay sane when things get unusual
setting longer term, yet feasible goals that is. they give you a reason not to think so much
about problems that might occupy your mind at the moment, and keeps you motivated
i highly recommend it!
a bike like this papillionaire one, definitely with a basket,
this book by douglas geyeton on the slow food movement that originated in italy,
i actually got this one at a thrift shop!
anthropologie, leather sketchbook/journal,
a simple and classic pair of shorts like this aubin & wills,
gelato! i don't think i need to say more on that subject...
a nice straw hat, pachacuti - to protect you from the sun,
and i cannot imagine going without my ricoh, film camera. the pictures have a lovely
filter and hue, i find films a lot more personal and unique.

do you guys have any dreams planned to be fulfilled?



Megan Joy said...

Sitting under the Tuscan sun with my notebook, gelato, camera and bike would be an ideal way in which to spend any day.

Tiffany said...

ahh that is so true!

A Brit Greek said...

Koukla, my head is always filled with endless dreams! It's good to have them and indulge in what can sometimes seem impossible!

Tiffany said...

that's very true...

Beauty Follower said...

Το ξυλο τελικά δεινει άλλη αισθηση στον χωρο.
Πολυ ομορφο σπιτι, εξυπνη η ιδεα της στιβαξης διπλα απο το τζακι.

Tiffany said...

xairomai pou s arese! it seems really cozy :)

Rachel said...

LOVE this bike! x

just angelina said...

iperoxos xwros!
na min thes na figeis apo kei mesa!


Tiffany said...

ax pragmatika!
i looooove the bike too1 i want one JUST like it!