weekend in wonderland

hello everyone!
i know today is our goody bag day, but since i spent a weekend away in wonderland,
i thought i might share some pictures from the paradise i was lucky to visit!
but first of all...i am proud to present my brand new etsy shop!
kataifi by tiffany
generally i'm an ocean type of person, but there are times when you seek the forest.
there is something about it that spreads a numbing feeling of serenity in my heart.

even though the weather ended up not being on our side,
i still took walks around the area...stylishly wearing white knitted socks with summer ballet flats. shhh...! just between us :P
but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do...
in this case to get the calmness i really needed.
i also like staring at the night sky but it was way too cold for that!
is there any place you go to relax and just lay back?
what is your paradise like?



Christian//fashiongentrix.com said...

The pastry looks a bit strange :) Bird nest like LOL
Thanks for commenting my blog.

Tiffany said...

It really is like a birds nest, I had never looked at it that way! haha!
It is very yummy though!
My pleasure, I like commenting on blogs and I always return the favors :)