i understand,
for whoever knows a lot about gardening,
that i am making this post a bit late, but for me it's never too late to plant things!
the garden outside my apartment wasn't the best perserved i've seen,
so i decided to spruce it up. so i brought out my blue, polka dot gloves, and water...
here are some of the plants i chose and you could use even now and why:

when you plant them, if you have a lot of birds in the neighborhood,
stick a few thin twigs around your planted areas so they won't be able to sit there
and eat your seeds. (they did that with mine the first time :P )
i planted some seeds (grapefruit) in order to grow a little tree.
if you leave it in a small pot it will turn out like a bonsai! plus, it's always good for the environment to plant a tree.

what flowers do you like? do you ever bother planting things?

xoxo have a lovely weekend!


Dania said...

love this post!!! and i love your chart about the flowers!


Tiffany said...

thank you! very sweet of you, I love illustrating things!
bon weekend!

AnezaSp said...

Love the peony! Keep up the good job! Kisses sweetie :D

Tiffany said...

Aneza mou kisses to you too thank you so much for the compliment! XXX

A Heel in Mint said...

I love gardening but someone don't have a green thumb. The twig trick is a great idea. Will try planting something again and see how it works out. :)

Heel in Mint

A BRIT GREEK said...

Tee hee, I love gardening and its the thing I mis most about living in Athens and not having a garden - it's not the same as having a balcony!

Love sweetpeas, peonies and all sorts - anything that brings colour into my life is wonderful!

Have a great weekend koukla!

Tiffany said...

I'm not an expert on planting, that's why I picked easy plants :P I hope my tips will be helpful1
Yeah...Greek cities are great for planting!