this week i have a special architecture alert for all of you.
it's interior design again, but this time from a good family and blogger friend!
christina, author of no.29 design posts fantastic ideas for interior design lovers.
in the collage you can see only a few of her ideas and crafts,
i couldn't just pick one to show you, since i like all of them for different reasons each.
what i like the most is that she posts creations you can make with a few simple 
things and come up with a lovely and really stylish result.
some of my favorites pictured above were the napkin pillows, the wall stencil, the shelf backround and the floral painting.
in christina's blog you can also get ideas and tips on patterns, since she uses them often and quite professionally, we all know how tricky patterns can get!

take a peep and let us know which were your favorite ideas!



A Heel in Mint said...

I love the ideas here. WIll check her blog out :)

Heel in Mint

Tiffany said...

oh absolutely! :)

Taj Acosta said...

Great ideas! xx

Tiffany said...

aren't they really? :)