happy friday lovelies!
before i start,
i'd like to thank heel in mint for awarding me with this lovely award!

thank you so, so much :)
here are some things about me...and i pass this versatile award to:

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now for the long delayed fashion post...
here at s/ch we're a fan of classic, but quircky is always lovely and intruiging!
stripes and the nautical style are always a beautiful and classic choice for summer,
however, lately stripes have risen to a whole new level, they've become part of a geometrical game!
take a look...
on shorts while mixing colors,
on dresses while playing with dimensions,
vertical and in various distances on airy tops,
on shoes, following patterns,
colors, patterns and dimensions on clutches,
sunglasses, watches, and brooches
but then,
there are also awesome, striped reads, both metaphorically and literally!
this children's book i've been meaning to read, it's received great reviews,
"simply pattern" - a book on graphic designs and patterns made by hand,
"treasure island" and "the panda theory" from penguin books, i really admire the geometrical designs on their covers, lastly this "moby dick" tote to carry all these lovely books around with quirky style!

do you have any favorite patterns? or like to experiment with them?

xoxo & bon weekend!


Beauty Follower said...

Τα παπουτσακια ειναι φοβερα!

Tiffany said...

Oui! :)

Fashionable Rose said...

thanks so much gia to vraviaki!! i love stripes too!! :) x

Catherine Robinson said...

I lovely creative post Tiffany...I love that film ;-)
Have a great week.

Giovanna said...

Thank you so much for the award!! Loving your picks! Those Lupfer shorts are too cute!


The Lacquer Factor said...

Great post!!


A Heel in Mint said...

Your award post is creative and unique too! Love the stripes and I agree that they are not just basic anymore. My favorite prints are nature inspired..like butterflies, cats, tropical and florals but I do love the geometric ones. I do like it when they are all in one piece and done well. :)

Heel in Mint

A Brit Greek said...

I've just written the longest comment ever and blogger decides to die on me! error 404 or whatever, you suck!

CONGRATS AND THANK YOU!!! Your award is well deserved, as you inspire and are different from so many blogs out there.

Am truly flattered you included my blog too koukla!


Tiffany said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it this much! I love stripes, and this year they're all cool!