a trip...not so far away

yesterday we took a small trip to a nearby zoo in bayside.
it was really early so they mostly had all the farm animals but i fell in love with the place!
the whole place worked as a farm,
they had a special space where they plant veggies and flowers...

they also had a little vine yard, and a greenhouse where they grew flowers and sold them
at the gift shop with honey and other organic goodies.
and you should know i love gift shops!
also, i really loved this guy!
and these cuties:

and by the time i got home,
here's a picture of getting things ready to be sent out!
fossil necklaces!



Stefania B. said...

it seems a really nice place.

Tiffany said...

it is, it's really peaceful and i like how it's not just a zoo or a park!

Joanne said...

mason jars are so cute for decorating!!



Tiffany said...

oh yes they're the best :)