tuesday goody bag

here's some tuesday window shopping to fix your day a bit!
elastic, pointing bookmark from the moma gift shop. how practical is that?
solid ribbon to decorate your mason jar from this cute shop
and a fantastic landscape we are handsome bikini.

but this is not just a simple tuesday goody bag, as you may have guessed...

melt your leftover white candles , when they become liquid and clear,
mix in dried lavender flowers and pour the mixture in a mason jar.
fix the candle wick until it cools and voil√°!
you have your own lavender candle.

and something to make you smile even more!
new items in my etsy shop :)



shoppingtherapy said...

geia sou Tiffany!! thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment!your posts are amazing!!kalh ebdomada kai kalo mhna!!

Tiffany said...

thank you! kali evdomada kia se sena!

Fashionable Rose said...

oh poso cute auto to shell! latrepsa otan eipe i can get yourself a haircut but not a nickname so sweet x

Tiffany said...

heeheehee! marcel is the sweetest! we should all call him ace gia na tou kanoume to xatiri :)

Dale Janeé said...

Great post and I loved looking thru all these, I want that crown wall paper. It is sooo cool


Catherine Robinson said...

Glad you like the British style, Tiffany ...you have good taste ;-)
Have a lovely weekend.