tuesday goody bag*

what are you getting for mum?
this coming sunday is one of my favorite celebrations.
mother's day!
here are some gift ideas for a most beloved figure...
a wallet, because usually mum's tend to stick with the same one for ages!
patterned paper from the scrapbook lounge to make her your very own collage-card!
i love making my mum things :)
a lovely pair of classic earrings, like this marc jacobs one.
her favorite flowers.
make her a citrus scrub with this diy, and put it in a lovely mason jar with a ribbon.
or get her a journal where she can write all the important,
or random things she wants. or even better?
get a plain one and paint it or glue it yourself!
or maybe something from my shop :)

what are you getting mum? do you have any traditions for this day?



Giovanna said...

Cute picks! Loving the wallet and earrings!


Tiffany said...

I thought they were so pretty too!

Fashionable Rose said...

skeftomoun kai ego ti na paro sti mama mou, den imoun sigouri..thanks gia tis idees :) x

Tiffany said...

you're welcome! elpizo na voithisan :)