hello everyone,
back from the weekend and back to work.
but since it's tuesday, i'll stick to our tradition and give you a peep into my
tuesday goody bag. only this time, i have something extra special for you.
having gone upstate,
it was inevitable that antiquing would be in our program.
so here are some adoreable, and extremely old plush toys!
i found this irresistible,
although a friend insisted it looked quite haunted.
and how about an old, teeny-tiny closet to put the rest of her colonial style dresses?
he even has freckles!
although it is probably obvious, at least to those who know me a bit better,
i wanted all of these, with the old wooden box they were sitting in!
and this wee one was sitting all alone over some honey jars.

did you see anything adorable during your weekend?

xoxo, good to be back :)


Rebekah said...

I had a rabbit as a child just like the first pictured!

Tiffany said...

no kidding! you had a beautiful bunny then! :)