vintage & craft in manhattan

my mum had a meet - up in chelsea yesterday,
and it's obvious that i would tag along!
this time however, i'll give you a taste of some vintage and crafts.
initially, i was looking at the roof garden. i love them so much, i've become a sort of "radar" in spotting them. but i just loved the faded old sign effect on the wall above.
colored, old chairs are my favorite!
i used to have a turquoise one in my room in greece, but this color is so sweet i
don't think i'd alter it at all!
i just smile when i find antiques as simple and minimal as these.
i snapped a picture of this espresso cup, but the white, porcelaine sculptures behind, made me picture a  wooden shelf with a whole collection of them sitting on it. all plain, white and simple...
how romantic? cups with pictures...
then we went to this store, mood's.
ok i think i had a minor heart attack entering. it's like crafting heaven in here and i want everything!
oh and you can order stuff online which is really helpful!
oops :)
so that's about it for this friday!
i hope you enjoy your weekend!



Giovanna said...

Fun photos! My fave is the minimalism shot!


Tiffany said...

thank you :)
bon weekend!

A Heel in Mint said...

The craft store makes me want to move there! Beautiful pictures. Love the chair colors. :)

Heel in Mint

Fashionable Rose said...

super cute post!! latrepsa ta vintage kommatia! to flintzanaki poly cute! episis ta 2 flintzanakia me tis ikonoules pali poly omorfa:)
latrevo autous tous xorous pou einai gematoi me crafts! vlepeis tosa ilika kai fantazese ti mpori na ftiaksis!

nina papakonstantinou said...

i'm having a heart attack right now!!!!!! nice postttt!!!

Tiffany said...

nina - ahahah no heart attacks please! but do come visit, and i'll take you to all of these!
simoni - yes, everything was adoreable i'm so glad you agree :)