otherwise known as hump day,
wednesdays are a pretty tough day, yet you're already halfway through the week!
so, i thought it would be fun to share some quotes and brighten our day.
last night as i was wondering what quotes i wanted to share with you,
but then all of a sudden i heard thunder and there it was...
i really do,
it's so easy to get grumpy when the weather is bad, and it's reasonable too,
but think about it, isn't it so much better to smile it off?
i have that issue, however, it's true.of  course i look a lot more like monica from the barbados episode than alfalfa, ha!
and of course,
who can underestimate the all time classic hollywood tradition...

xoxo lovelies!



ti wraia!i love quotes

A BRIT GREEK said...

I love these quotes, plus love the smell of rain too!

We've just got rubbish weather too, very unpredictable!

Hope you have a great rest of the week angel!


The Lacquer Factor said...

Great quotes!!

Bonnie said...

It is easier to smile than it is to frown. It is easier to be happy than it is to be sad. Words of truth.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Tiffany said...

oh i agree with all of you! i'm glad you enjoyed the quotes! Brit thanks so much! you too!
Bonnie that was a lovely quote too :)