when the weather gets warmer and warmer,
and as summer activities start to flourish, our need to go outdoors grows larger by the day.
barbeque's, outdoor movie projections, garden parties, picnics...
so many fun things. if you already have a space,
whether it is a balcony, a patio, a back yard or even a flat roof, there are things you can do
to spruce it up and make it more comfy!
- when you start organizing your space, the more geometrical, i beleive,
the more modern the result...

- the above game organizes the space and creates the image of a grid. based on that
you can also add your plants, therefore creating a planted/ non-planted pattern of your choice!
- wooden elements create a more natural and serene look, without lessening your contemporary, urban style. 
- wood and other elements in similar shades create an interesting contrast with the green of your plants.
-you can keep your decorations to shades of green, or choose a different, more bright and warm color palette to compliment the greenery.
this is a bit more extravagant example but...
- whoever feels like splurging, pavillion like constructions can create comfy spaces for eating, cookingand sitting around.
- water elements always make an urban, green space appear more professional.
- for a more rural look, you can opt for small ponds.
- if you've got a pergola, or any "good for hanging things" objects, plant climbing greenery like ivy or jasmine, and hang pots, creating your very own, and fairly inexpensive green walls and roofs.
- mix and match herbs, flowers and greens to create a jungle - like image and a magnificent smelling garden.
- keeping any furnishings natural and/or clear (aka glass) creates an overall image that emphasizes on the plants.
pictures from here, here, here and here

xoxo everyone!


The Lacquer Factor said...

I love the idea of always bringing your own sunshine :)

Tiffany said...

hard to do but once you master it you have solved practically half your problems :P