this weekend...
this is all i have to say:
i plan to give myself a break and soak it up while studying a bit!
here are some of my favorite bath products, that i'm sure you will enjoy too:
- delicious smelling bubble baths from philosophy
- st. ives apricot scrub
- cynthia rowley green tea body butter is my favorite although all of them smell and feel lovely
- and a perfect, home made oatmeal mask for the face!
  after i exfoliate my face i apply this mask ( i ommit the lemon though) for 15 minutes  
  and my skin feels soft as velvet and my pores are a lot cleaner!
here is an article from refinery 29 about food solutions to beauty issues. no need for medication.

hope you enjoy your weekend! let me know what you're up to :)

bubbly lady via life


Street Fashion Paris said...

I have never tried peach and blueberry mix, seems interesting!

Tiffany said...

oh it is so yummy! :D