hello lovelies!
the weekend is almost here! what ideas and plans do you have?
other than getting things mailed, study, and maybe visiting little italy this sunday,
i have a few things in mind...
since the weather is said to be very nice this weekend,
i'm thinking outdoors.
i am already daydreaming of putting on a fun sundress,
buying some flowers from a cute florist (you can find your local one here),
i'm really hoping to try some italian food,
and also buy another great book, like this "new york rooftops".
or gawk at the ones in this article ;)
and speeking of rooftops, i envy anyone with a flat roof! you can host a dinner party or take a "picnic"!

whatever you're up to have fun!



Catherine Robinson said...

Have a fabulous weekend Tiffany...enjoy ;-)

Fashionable Rose said...

kalo savatokiriako! eimai sigouri pos tha einai teleio! akouete oneiremeno pantos etsi opos to perigrapses! ego tha ftiakso cupcakes gia na ta paro se ena charity event ! kala na perasis oti kai an kaneis telika x

Tiffany said...

thank you so much! i hope you have a lovely weekend too!
cupcakes for a charity event sounds absolutely marvellous! elpizo na vgaleis fotografies! :)