hello lovelies!
our beloved and popular friday has arrived!
do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
here are some ideas i have in mind:
- have a lovely morning with cookies and milk (more likely coffee),
very healthy and nutritious don't you agree?
- read the paper and peep through a mag while i'm at it.
- if the weather is good and sunny, some shopping around the area...
- also, some DIY sounds highly likely, especially since i have a project coming up soon,
but that my dears is a surprise!
- a nice and sweet smelling bubble bath with soaps that make you travel...
- wear something bright pink and some funny shoes like these!
- and if the weather isn't that tempting, either grab your umbrella and head out anyway,
or catch an old favorite movie with a few friends and laugh it off!

have a lovely time,


Brooklyn Grace said...

Cool post dear!!

Catherine Robinson said...

Sounds a perfect weekend, Tiffany...enjoy!
I'll definitely be grabbing my umbrella we have rain, rain and more rain!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Grace: thank you so much!
Catherine: we've been having rain every afternoon after 7 till very very late, and a few drizzles throughout the day here.thank you, you enjoy it as well! i already took out my pink shirt!