and yes,
i made it to little italy this weekend with my mum!
it was absolutely lovely and just as i had promised,
i will share the experience with you!
the atmosphere was comfortably european, i even got nostalgic to be completely honest with you.
there were some very lovely buildings,
the ones in red stood out the most of course.
you could find some really interesting things to shop too!
like these necklaces, i really wonder what that material is called.

i found the statues really entertaining! they were outside some restaurants for decoration.
they really added to the tourist-y atmosphere!
of course, since we were there, we had to have italian food.
so we sat at the "piccolo buffalo" and let me tell you this...
i think we left at least a couple pounds heavier, each!
the dessert in the end was absolutely worth it, although i had a feeling i was about to explode.
i had never had cannoli before, and this one was extremely tastey!
i highly reccomend this place if you're ever in the area!
that is all for now!
i hope you enjoyed the "walk"!



A BRIT GREEK said...

Loved these photos!

Tiffany said...

Great! I'm glad you enjoyed :)