this tuesday,
i shall continue the chromatotherapy i started last week when i contemplated pink,
with neon.
contemplation stopped of course, with my buying not one,
but two bright pink shirts. for whoever that knows me, that is close to a miracle.
so...to the point!
how about some colorful pants, or shorts? or both?
this bauhaus book is really good, i tell you this from personal experience.
it's sitting on my shelf winking at me right now actually, i might do some revision.
and then again,
a fruity and colorful bubble bath splash is pretty tempting as well.
i also liked these fun and bright ballet flats,
and a pretty belt in a bright color can make a minimal outfit really pop.
but best of all,
is to get an ice cream cone and top it in rainbow sprinkles! yup!

what's your current color obsession?



*Vivika said...

I like them all! This ballet flats are so lovely!

Tiffany said...

Oh absolutely! aren't they?! Thank you :)

A Heel in Mint said...

Love them all! I love the orange and pink mix. :)

Heel in Mint